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more ergonomics, more productivity, more safety

Handling a pallet with large size boxes by means of an

INDEVA model Liftronic column mounted

An Indeva with a vacuum gripping tool to handle bags. With long sensitive handle.

The above gripping tool can be quickly (in 15 seconds) replaced with another vacuum gripper suitable for cardboard boxes.

INDEVA model Liftronic vacu-u-grip, with long sensitive handle; handles are designed to allow the operator to easily place the box within a larger box.

Handle your loads at zero gravity !!!!

+ ergonomics + safety and at the same time + productivity!

It's not a slow and akward hoist, it's not a costly robot, it's not a rigid and heavy pneumatic manipulator, it is an INDEVA, light, handy, a real extension of the operator's arm!!!

If you are still handling your loads with slow and old fashioned hoists, and if you wish to upgrade your work station, achieve more ergonomics and safety and comply with latest Regulations regarding manual load handling,


Increase productivity - Reduce operator fatigue - Dramatically reduce running costs and energy use.

This is a true electronic auto weight sense balancer with speeds up to 10 times faster than an electric hoist. Suitable for you to install yourselves or we can do it for you.

With power consumption using less than an electric kettle and next to nothing when in standby mode, it's not only the paint colour of our equipment that is green. Our system uses less than a quarter of the power used by standard electric hoists for lifting the same weights.


Productivity: quick precise movements
Ergonomics: thanks to automatic balancing feature you can move heavy loads as they were weightless. Fingertip sensitive handle allows you to move loads upwards and downwards by simply touching the handle with a finger. Handles and tooling are always custom- designed to provide max ergonomics for the operator;
Energy saving: consumption less than a pneumatic manipulator; Movement precision: much more precise and faster than a pneumatic manipulator;
User friendly: no button to keep pressed and no load presetting to select when changing load to handle, as it is really auto weight sense and auto balancing

Video footage of bag handling

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