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Revolutionizing Food Packaging
It is not a modern term. In fact it dates back to prehistoric times when humans tried to conserve their rations for summers. Leaves were mostly employed for this purpose. Evolution gave wooden boxes, stem baskets and wine-skins for replacing leaves. As the aesthetic sense of people got matured, they went for silver and gold to get the same results. Now it has its arresting accessories as able-bodied such as trays, cups, close wraps, liners, and pads which advice to attenuate the aftermath aural the wrapping container.
Revolutionizing Food Packaging
Featured Products
The E-PRESS along with the Q-Press and M/H-Press belong to Uteco's new generation of electric line shaft presses. The E-Press is the classic rotogravure printing press equipped with interchangeable trolleys to perform job changes. Its conventional modular design solutions ensure allow an affordable price level.
AGV automated guided vehicle for carrying materials and components along the assembly line; the INDEVA AGV is the ideal solution for material move in a production line; it features modular pipe and joints structure (Indeva Lean System), thus can easily be designed and then modified to suit custom requirements and different loads.
Semi Automatic Strapping Machine
Semi Automatic Strapping Machine
Bandex offers strapping machines that is fully automatic and are available in configuration as desired by our customers. This fully automatic strapping machine is used for high volume & automated production line. It comes in different models suitable for varied industrial packaging works.
Industry Updates
Study Confirms Daniels Sharpsmart Helps Hospitals Reduce Carbon Footprint
19th June, 2012
Hospitals currently account for 3 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and are striving to increase their sustainability and to decrease their global warming potential (GWP).
Press Releases
Molson Coors to equipped with New Carling packaging from cardboard to film at £6.3 million investment
Monday 18th Jun, 2012
United Kingdom and Ireland
The move to packaging in film is set to further increase the brewery’s environmental performance by reducing the weight of secondary packaging by 63% and reducing carbon emissions by...
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Expo PACK Mexico 2012
Jun 26th - Jun 29th 2012

Centro Banamex Exhibit Center
Mexico City
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