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INTERGRAFIKA / MODERNPAK, Zagreb Fair, Zagreb, Croatia

Thursday, Jan 29, 2015

From 27 – 30 May the Zagreb Fair will organize the biennial fairs INTERGRAFIKA, the 23rd International Printing and Paper Industry Fair and MODERNPAK, the 28th International Packing Materials and Packing Technology Fair.

The International Printing and Paper Industry Fair INTERGRAFIKA is the regional show of the latest world technology achievements in the printing industry.

The fair brings together renowned manufacturers of the printing industry machines, equipment and devices for the printing, paper and cardboard industry as well as auxiliary materials and finished products.

This specialized fair encourages development of the IT, publishing and printing activities, paper industry and the entire entrepreneurship in this industry sector.

Along with the exhibition segment INTERGRAFIKA offers a rich programme of professional and accompanying events which traditionally bring together domestic and foreign experts and exhibitors to exchange their knowledge and experience.

The specialized Packing Materials and Packing Technology Fair MODERNPAK is the meeting spot of producers and consumers - users of packing materials. It gathers the experts in the field of packing production and application and goods distribution, at the same time presenting the latest trends and innovations in packing technology as well as modern solutions for ecologically acceptable packing.

Back in 1973 James Pilditch wrote a book that became the synonym for a different view on packaging - “The Silent Salesman”. Packaging, says Pilditch, is a creative salesman: it is used for awakening dreams and emotions and for selling reality.

Packing is the most important factor of the product placement.

It is a known fact that “the packing sells the product”.

By joining these two compatible branches of the economy we will strengthen the trade fair offer and attain a higher level of business efficiency to the satisfaction of all participants in the field of printing industry, packing materials and packing technology.   

Regardless of the rapid development of the marketing media and other modern forms of business communication today trade fairs are becoming increasingly important for the comprehensive business communication.

They remain a competent venue for the presentation of business opportunities of exhibitors - new technologies and trends and for the comparison with the competition and for ensuring attendance of trade visitors from the region.
The personal, "face to face" contact is still indispensable because it allows us at the same time to see, compare, evaluate and receive feedback on a product or a service.

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