Company : Paramelt B.V

Category : Chemicals and Adhesives

Key Products : Adhesives and Coatings for flexible packaging and labelling

Borax: not an issue for Paramelt

Just over 3 years after the take-over of Remy Beneo Adhesives by Paramelt, many labelling customers are really appreciating the benefits of this new union. 

Within the context of Paramelt’s global activities in coatings and adhesives for packaging and labelling applications, regulatory compliance is a central topic for the combined business.

Sustainability and product safety concerns worldwide are leading to increasingly stringent regulations and market demands.  As a market leader, Paramelt works to monitor the impact of these issues and develop products in line with current and future requirements.

Paramelt introduces low melt metallocene hotmelt

Paramelt introduces low melt metallocene hotmelt November 19, 2009 - With the introduction of the Plastomelt Excelta LM1, Paramelt sets a new standard in low application temperature metallocene hotmelts. Excelta LM1 offers the industry a combination of the unique benefits of the Excelta technology, excellent adhesion, reduced adhesive consumption and total costs with the benefits of a processing temperature as low as 120C. More...

Paramelt acquires Beneo\'s adhesives activities

Paramelt acquires Beneo's adhesives activities October 1, 2011 - Paramelt today announced the acquisition of the adhesives activities of BENEO-Bio Based Chemicals, a subdivision of the functional food ingredient company BENEO. The acquisition of the business formerly known as Remy Adhesives in Wijgmaal, Belgium will bring significant synergies to Paramelt's water based adhesives activities in Veendam, The Netherlands. More...

Aquaseal alternatives for vinyl chloride heat seal coatings

Aquaseal alternatives for vinyl chloride heat seal coatings September 29, 2011 - As developing regulatory pressures exert an increasing influence on materials selection in flexible packaging design, Paramelt has continued to develop its AquasealTM range of water based heat seal and barrier coatings to meet these ongoing demands. More...