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LINPAC is an international market leader in the production of primary fresh food packaging and foodservice solutions for retailers, packers and foodservice operators.

Headquartered in Featherstone, West Yorkshire, in the UK.


With more than 40 years experience in food packaging safety and security, the company operates across a network of 14 manufacturing sites, servicing 71 countries, and provides multi material packaging technology to the protein, bakery, foodservice, fresh produce, chilled and prepared food sectors. It also manufactures a wide range of flexible films, from complex multilayer barrier to simple monolayer structures.


LINPAC champions the reduction of food waste through continuous innovation in packaging technology for the protection, preservation and presentation of food.


Working to the highest standards in research and development, LINPAC manufactures packaging with industry leading levels of recycled material content and internally recycles all materials wherever possible to create a closed loop packaging process.

Rfresh Elite tray

Rfresh Elite®


The ultimate super lightweight, mono-material, super cleaned tray for meat and poultry.


The Rfresh Elite tray uses a unique, patented sealant on the tray flange to create a secure seal with the lidding film, removing the need for the industry standard laminated PE base film and creating a crystal clear tray which is 100 per cent recyclable at the end of its service life.


The technology marks a breakthrough in tray packaging design.


The removal of the PE base film reduces tray weight by up to three per cent in addition to the 10 per cent reduction delivered through the LIFE light-weighting programme at LINPAC. This means that the carbon footprint of an Rfresh Elite tray is typically five per cent less than the average rPET/PE tray, yet it maintains all product functionality and performance.


The tray, manufactured from up to 95 per cent rPET, offers superior efficiency and sustainability features and helps the entire food supply chain reduce its carbon footprint and costs in handling and logistics.

Vacuum Skin Packaging

Rfresh Evolve®


Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP) now represents approximately five per cent of all protein packaging in Europe.


Packers and retailers are growing increasingly aware of the benefits that VSP brings – extended shelf life, reduced food waste, supply chain efficiency and increased sales.


LINPAC is able to offer customers three application styles – normal VSP (below the flange protrusion), protruding VSP (slightly above the flange protrusion) and super-protruding VSP (high protrusion above the flange).


Packs are available in mono PET, PET/PE, Barrier PP and Barrier EPS for all current VSP designed tray sealing machinery. Most recently, LINPAC has led the way for the industry to move to fully recyclable rigid rPET tray designs for VSP, which helps retailers maximise shelf appeal.


Manufactured with up to 95 per cent supercleaned rPET, LINPAC is able to provide creative designs incorporating innovative colours, shapes, labelling options and environmental credentials.


Using pre-formed trays for VSP has provided an opportunity to transform the shelf presence and overall look and feel of meat, fish and poultry packaging.

MAP lidding films



LINtop PE HB filmsare a new generation of MAP lidding films suitable for inside and outside cut tray sealing of foam and rigid barrier trays and rigid thermoformed packaging.


The films use the latest technology to maximise line efficiency and the minimal gauge reduces costs and carbon footprint.


Packers benefit from having a high quality film to work with, meaning minimal breaks, line stoppages and downtime.


A secure lock or peel seal design seals through contamination and helps reduce waste both on the production line and in-store.


For retailers, the high barrier film extends product shelf life reducing food waste at store and consumer level and the tight drum appearance of packs improves shelf appeal and drives sales. This is further boosted by the films’ crystal clear appearance, which enhances a product’s freshness appeal.


Through a programme of continual innovation, LINPAC has developed a range of films which has a low gauge and is lightweight, ticking all the boxes for retailers looking for ‘green’ pack solutions.

HOTpacs boxes & trays



For the fast food and hospitality events operator, LINPAC offers a wide range of hinged boxes and trays which are ideal for a hot snack on the go or take-away meal.


Manufactured from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), HOTpacs have been designed to keep contents warm and their unique air flow technology prevent foods, such as fish and chips, going soggy or sticking to the box, ensuring customers can enjoy the same quality food as they bought on site.


Available in a variety of sizes, with single or multi-cavity designs, HOTpacs ensure food is well presented and provides for accurate portion control to maximise profits, whilst cutting costs and food waste.


They are stackable and easy to fill and serve, speeding up service in the hectic catering environment.


HOTpacs are also the lowest carbon footprint packaging option available and do not produce any greenhouse gasses if they are disposed of in landfill. Additionally, the energy consumption used in their manufacture can be recovered through incineration.

Vertifresh-Flexible Packaging



Vertifresh offers a new way of presentation that gives real impact to make products stand out on the shelf.


Developed as part of the LINPAC Freshware range for the chilled and prepared foods market, Vertifresh stands out in the rapidly growing ‘grazing’ consumer market.


A clever multiple clip-in tray design segregates toppings, dressings and protein options to ensure the meal stays fresher for longer, dramatically reducing food waste, and remains appetising to the consumer.


The packs stand vertically on the supermarket shelf to optimise shelf space and providing maximum visibility of the food contained within, helping retailers drive sales.


The packs are available in clear rPET or with a black base to give a premium appearance and are fully recyclable after use.

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