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Apack Corporation contains 22 years of experience in importing & exporting packaging equipment. We have been expanded our business into designing, manufacturing, marketing and after sales service of our line of packaging, labeling and coding products.

Our versatile product lines provide high performance as they are adjusted to meet the demands of our customer demands. We are striving to enhance our overseas marketing network. Customer satisfaction is the major motto of our company.

Our products include:

  • Form Fill-Seal Machine
  • Strapping Machine
  • Vacuum Machine
  • Printing and Labeling Machine
  • Continuous Auto bagger Packaging Machine
  • Wrapping Machine
  • Air Cushion Machine
  • Strapping Tool
  • Money Counting Machine
  • Paper Cup Machine
  • Labeling Machine (Custom-made machinery)

Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine

Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine is used when the product is fragile and cannot withstand a high drop. It facilitates ease of opening and comfortable consumption of products. Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine delivers shaped pouches that result in better product aesthetics and shelf presence. This Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machineis of rugged construction and user friendly and has proven to be easy to operate and maintain.

Form Fill Seal Packaging Machinetype will be of pillow. Here are the technical specifications of Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine:

  • Packing Type: Pillow Seal
  • Packing Speed per min: 10-200 packs (Dependent on package size)
  • Max. Product Dimensions:
    • Length: 60-600 mm
    • Width: 10-160mm
    • Height: 1-120mm (Over 120mm can be custom-made)
  • Max. Film Width: 450mm
  • Machine Dimension: 3500/4500 (L) x 900 (W) x 1500 (H) mm.


Date Coding Machine / Labeling Machine / Digital Control Panel.

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machineoffers sustainable solutions with features such as convenient options like zippers, tear notches, modified atmosphere (gas flush) packaging, one-way valve applicators, and more. Vertical Form Fill Seal Machineoffers easy integration with industry-leading filling equipment, conveyors, X-ray and checkweighers, cartoning and case-packing solutions etc.

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machinefor Powder/Granule/Liquid

For packaging powder, granulated, liquid or paste products such as coffee, peanuts, sugar, salt, dry vegetable, condiment, shampoo, ketchup, toothpaste, cream, honey, etc.

Specifications ofVertical Packaging Machines:

  • Bag Shaper: Pillow Seal / 3-Side Seal / 4-Side Seal
  • Film Width: 60-360 mm.
  • Bag Length: 50-300 mm.
  • Packing Speed per min: 20-80 packs (Dependent on package size and volume range.)
  • Volume Range: 1-500g.
  • Hopper Capacity: 20-30 L.


Date Coding Machine, Mixer, air compressor, discharge conveyor.

Automatic Labeling Systems

Our Automatic Labelling Systems meet your labeling needs. These Automatic Labelling Systems adopt Swiss Collamat labeling engine for easy operation. We will provide an Automatic Labeling Machineto suit your needs.


  • Automatic Labelling Systems contain
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Accurate Labeling
  • Maintenance Free
  • Wheels & fixed stand available

Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum Packing machine is particularly suitable for food service, food processing, industrial and retailing purposes. Vacuum Packing machineis used to pack meat, seafood, pickled foods, powder, spice, electronic and hardware products etc.

Functions of Single Chamber Vacuum Machine:

  • #304 stainless steel construction.
  • Maintains food freshness and flavour; antiseptic, and mold resistant.
  • Extends storage period for packed goods.
  • Prevents electronic and hardware parts from rusting and dampness.

Single Chamber Vacuum Machine Features:

  • Total stainless steel builds
  • LCD Control system
  • 20 programs
  • German made vacuum pump
  • Waterproof system


  • Extra sealing bar provides double packing capacity
  • Control Sensor
  • Gas flushing
  • High pressure seal
  • Double Chamber Vacuum Machine


To pack meat, seafood, agricultural products, pickled foods, vegetarian food, prepared food, powder, spice, electronic and hardware products, medicines, etc.

Functions of Double Chamber Vacuum Machine:

  • #304 stainless steel construction.
  • Maintains food freshness and flavor; antiseptic, and mold resistant.
  • Extends storage period for packed goods.
  • Prevents electronic and hardware parts from rusting and dampness.

Automatic Strapping Machine

We provide the highest quality Automatic Strapping Machineincluding Fully Automatic Strapping Machine, Semi automaticStrapping Machine. Our machines are custom made and are applications specific. Our Automatic Strapping Machineis easy to use and is available at affordable prices.

Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

  • Excellent for high production demands.
  • Foot switch is provided for convenient operation.
  • Optional table top sensing switch and or photo cell sensors allow for on-line integration.


 Arch size
 (Standard)  W850mm    H600mm
 Table height  810mm
 Strap width  9,12,15mm
 Strapping speed  2 sec./Per Strap
 Max. tension  80 KGs
 Power supply  110,220,240,380V 50/60HZ 1 or 3 Phase
 Machine dimensions  W1400mm, D590mm, H1500mm
 Weight  180 KGs

SP-4 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

  • Patented instant heat performance.
  • Convenient external strapping tension adjustment.
  • Automatic motor power off safety feature.
  • Patented magnetic tension detector.
  • Adjustable cooling time.
  • Adjustable table height – Max. range: +140 mm.

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