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Alpha Converting was established in December 1999 and was renowned as a converting supplier for the new millennium. We produce high quality slitter rewinders, unwind and rewinds, and associated converting equipment for the UK market and across the globe. We meet the demands of our clientele through a flexible approach.

Our dedicated professionals identify your requirements and understand your existing production techniques and methods to offer converting equipment that best suits to your requirements. Our innovation with high standards of technical engineering set us apart within the converting industry.

Alpha has continued to develop all of its standard machine ranges as well as supplying unique custom machines for many industries. As the range of products increases so does the range of materials that we have supplied equipment for.

The range now includes:

Printed Film Colour Filter Cable Wrap
Label stock Foam adhesive Metallised film
Nonwovens Wound dressing Laminates
Waterproof membranes Paper Technical leather
Food casings Newsprint Polypropylene (PP, OPP, BOPP)
Brass strip Tissue Polyester (PET)
Steel strip Airbags Polyethylene (PE, LDPE, HDPE)
Scouring pads RFID Polystyrene (PS)
Magnetic strip Textiles Polycarbonate (PC)
Dry film photo resist Printing blankets Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Printing plates Nickel foam  
Polyester Webbing  

Slitting Rewinding Machines Manufacturer

ALPHATWIN Duplex Slitter Rewinders are known for their differential rewinding and fully automatic lay on roll control. ALPHA Duplex Surface Slitter Rewinder Machine provides high quality products. The cantilevered winding shafts are stiff during running and they provide fast unloading.

They can easily be integrated with a variety of unloading systems. The touch screen operator interface has simple recipe systems for multiple types and slitting parameters. All models including Automatic Slitting Rewinding machines can be supplied with automatic knife positioning, fixed or auto setting laser core positioning and powerful roll removal to enhance productivity.

Standard Features of our Duplex Slitter Rewinders:

  • Cantilevered winding shafts with swing away support for quick roll change
  • Precise tension control with spacer-less differential rewinding shafts
  • PLC control with touch screen interface and comprehensive recipe and maintenance systems
  • Closed loop unwind tension control
  • Quality engineered and manufactured in UK


  • Automatic knife setting system
  • Trim removal
  • Powered roll stripping
  • Unloading tree or trolley
  • Laser core positioning.

Winding and Spooling Machines

ALPHASPOOL Stand Alone Pancake Spoolers convert pancake rolls of film and tapes to level wound spools or bobbins efficiently with an accurate computer controlled traversing mechanism and sensitive tension control.

The cantilevered unwind and rewind shafts provide quick roll change whilst the servo control systems ensure precise spooling. All Slit Spooling Machines ensure long life due to their heavy construction.  Pancake rolls may be produced on a slitter Rewinder such as an ALPHALAB TWIN slitter or on a single knife log slitter.

Standard Features of our Spooling Machinery:

  • Cantilevered unwind
  • Auto stopping at unwind core
  • Precise spooling tension with closed loop control
  • Precise tape lay down with computerised traversing
  • Splice table with web clamp
  • Touch screen control with recipe system
  • Quality engineered and manufactured in the UK.


  • Precision pneumatic unwind brake or AC drive
  • Choice of rewind shafts for cores or spools
  • Quick change rewind shafts
  • Guide wheels
  • Guide fingers
  • Filament winding
  • Powered roll ejection
  • Low tack roll coverings for exposed adhesives.

Non-Stop Spooling Machines

Alpha is one of the prominent Wire Winding Machine Manufacturer across the globe. Our Non-stop Spooling Machines combine with a wide range of tape and filament production lines. Using integrated accumulators, nonstop operation is achieved for the operator to load new sores or spools.

For high speed lines, twin spoolers with automatic cut off can be supplied so that only the tape is required to be transferred from the finished spool to the new core before restarting.

Nonstop spoolers offer all the flexibility of ALPHASPOOL spoolers with configuration to suit tapes and filaments. Bobbins or films, tapes or filaments can be winded to level wound spools with the help of precise computer controlled traversing mechanism and sensitive tension control.

The servo control systems ensure precise spooling and the cantilevered rewind shafts provide quick roll change. All Wire Spooling Machinery are made with heavy duty construction for long life.

Standard Features:

  • Precise spooling tension with closed loop control
  • Precise tape lay down with computerised traversing
  • Integration with production line
  • Multiple tension zones
  • Multi roll accumulator
  • Touch screen control with recipe system
  • Quality engineered and manufactured in UK.
  • Powered roll ejection
  • Low tack roll coverings for exposed adhesives

Shaftless Unwind Rewinders

ALPHAREEL Shaftless Unwind Rewinders rewind a diverse range of products without the need for shaft handling. This Dual Spindle Unwind is made with heavy duty construction for long life. Twin unwind stand is used for sheeting or corrugating line. It features floor loading trolley with hydraulic pick-up and closed loop unwind tension control with pneumatic brake and load cells.

Standard Features:

  • Shaftless chucking
  • Precise tension with closed loop tension control
  • Edge guiding (web guide)
  • System integration with production line
  • Quality engineered and manufactured in UK.
  • Touch screen operator interface.

Trim Winder Machine

ALPHATRIM TWM trim winders are designed to provide high speed, compact, efficient removal of trim from converting lines without the noise, dust and high cost of installation associated with many vacuum systems.
The ALPHATRIM TWM is known as a stand-alone unit that does not need any integration with the host slitter. Each trim winder is driven by its own variable speed motor running under closed loop tension control from a precision pneumatic dancer, which automatically tracks the speed of the host slitter.

Rewinding is carried out to provide even easier recycling opportunities. It provides a simple and efficient trim winding solution as it contains speed limit up to 60mpm and operator adjustable tension and oscillation control.

Standard Features of our Trim Winder Machine:

  • Fully electronic controlled traversing
  • Trapezoidal (Pineapple) winding profile
  • Cantilevered winding shaft
  • Closed loop speed control
  • Traverse winding
  • Variable traversing rate
  • Quality engineered and manufactured in UK.

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