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ASHE Converting Equipment is a family owned company, established in 1976.  The company is now a global manufacturer and supplier of specialist state of the art slitting and rewinding machinery for the film, paper and allied web industries.


The business was started with 3 people originally manufacturing Drive Control Systems. Of being one of the first companies to develop a fully reversible rewinding machine.  It was a natural progression for ASHE to extend the range into slitting and rewinding machinery.


Ashe now manufactures a complete range of slitting and rewinding machinery from widths of 300mm up to a maximum of 8.7m.


With manufacturing base continues to be in Ipswich, United Kingdom and subsidiaries in the USA and China.  We have a workforce totaling approximately 75 personnel. We have a strong team of mechanical engineers who all work on a modern 3D Cad system, and work alongside a team of software / electrical engineers, who are dedicated to writing all software for our machines only.


The plant located in Ipswich is equipped with an array of machine tools, where up to 80% of machine parts are manufactured in house. This gives us huge flexibility in the range that we are able to build, and also being able to engineer a machine, to suit what the customer wants. It also enables us to guarantee precision of parts that are going onto the machine.

Duplex Slitter-Sapphire S2

The Sapphire S2 is the only choice for ease of operation, repeatability and minimal downtime. The machine is acclaimed for its versatility in being able to handle many different products, without any changes to the machine operation.

Our vacuum roller technology is a key feature of the machine, which requires no operator setting or maintenance throughout the life of the machine. The machine is also a total electric operation, no hydraulics are used in the machine.

The machine has a maximum running speed of up to 800m/min and can be equipped with many options for automation, which help in reducing setup times. It is also now available in three rewind diameter configurations, being 600mm, 800mm or 1000mm.

Duplex Turret Slitter-S2T

The Sapphire S2T is the choice for the converter that is looking for maximum productivity and minimum downtime. This is achieved by the machine continuing to run, whilst the operator (or machine) takes off the finished rolls and puts new cores onto the rewind shaft.

The cycle time of the Sapphire S2T can be as low as 15 seconds and will automatically cut the web (at set length), and apply the new incoming web onto new cores.

Once again, the Sapphire S2T utilizes vacuum roller technology, and most options for minimizing job setups can be added to the machine to increase productivity further. It also features a unique shaft support system (for larger rewind diameters) where the rewind shafts remain fully supported through the turreting sequence.

Label Inspection Slitter

Opal label finishing machine is outstanding equipment with competitively priced, highly productive and easy to use. It comes with a raft of standard, state of the art features as well as an exhaustive range of optional extras.

Available in three web configurations relative to press sizes on the market, the standard format includes 76mm unwind air shaft, web clamps, splicing table, edge guider, shear slitting station, 76mm rewind shaft and the most accurate tension control system developed by ASHE.

Diamond Duplex Slitter

The Diamond model has been designed to be a compact, cost effective solution whilst keeping production requirements in mind. The machine has been based on our renowned Sapphire range of machines, and therefore has the flexibility to be able to slit and rewind most products at high speeds.

The machine is available in various configurations and all options within ASHE’s range are available to add onto the machine. The machine uses the vacuum roller technology developed by ASHE and is hydraulic free, making it a total clean operation. The machine is supplied in a ‘one piece’ configuration, therefore making shipping and installation easy.

Inline-Offline Turret Rewinders

The Opal turret range gives you matchless results even for the most challenging of finishes. From our competitively priced applications right through to the advanced glueless technology, all machines are ideal for narrow web producers.

Opal can be set to run a given length or number of labels and will then cut and transfer the web without stopping. Each machine can run light or high tensions to allow a wider range of materials to run on one machine.

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