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Founded in 1954, Comexi manufactures capital goods for the flexible packaging conversion industry. Our company runs five product lines that are specialized in a different conversion process such as flexography printing, offset printing, rotogravure printing, laminating, slitting and rewinding, as well as logistic complements.

Our company has more than 36.000 m2 divided into three production centres in Riudellots de la Selva (Girona, Spain), Brazil and Italy. Comexi has a sale network broadens to more than 100 countries. At the same time, Comexi supports and transfers its knowledge to diverse groups involved in the flexible printing industry process through the Manel Xifra Boada Technological Centre (CTec).

Our core business is flexographic print and Comexi has been the world’s leading manufacturers of flexographic printers with a central drum for short, medium and long runs. We offer unique solutions in laminating and coating by reducing the environmental impact with solvent less and water-based tape applications, as well as the usual solvent-based laminating. We also provide the most sophisticated slitting and rewinding machines.

Comexi’s product range includes:

  • Flexo
  • Offset
  • Gravure
  • Laminating
  • Slitting
  • Cloud
  • Environment & Logistics


F1 Flexographic Printing Press

COMEXI F1 is used for flexography printing with a central drum and it is designed for working with long runs and large repeats. Included with advanced technical solutions, this flexo printing machine helps to print at high speeds in tantalizing design environment. It has more capacity to dry and proffers faster pressure control and ergonomics accessibility.

On the other hand, our flexographic printing press is integrated with a robot capable of automatically manipulating all the sleeves that intrude in the printing process PC, intermediate, Anilox, and is fully integrated into the process.

The automation process would be maintained by the robots and the work through sleeves and the process becomes safer if this press is used. The Fl printer meets all the demands of flexographic printer suppliers and it has high demand in the flexible packaging industry due to its cost-efficiency, customization and high productivity.

Advantages of using COMEXI F1:

  • Steadiness
  • Ergonomic Control Panel
  • Inking Control
  • Easy sleeve extraction
  • Robustness and quality


F4 Gearless Flexo Printing Press

COMEXI F4 is the most efficient solution for flexographic printing in short and medium runs. It plays a crucial role in the printing industry and is the market benchmark press in this segment.

It offers the best solutions for flexographic printing as it contains 720-920 millimetres wide and a 600 millimetres maximum format. It was the first press to incorporate FLEXO Efficiency patented concept. It allows the printing unit to change in less than one minute as it contains pipe-less magnetic blades, patented by Comexi.

This gearless flexographic printing press incorporates a special system capable to synchronize the central drum and the mandrels. It also proffers other technical elements to reduce strip wear. This press is a user-friendly machine designed to print fast and enhance productivity and efficiency. It is more accessible and simple to use.

Technical characteristics:

Type Gearless
Colours 8
Print width (mm – in) 670 / 870
26.3 / 34.2
Web width (mm - in) 720 / 920
28.3 / 36.2
Minimum repeat (mm - in) 240 / 260
9.4 / 10.2
Maximum repeat (mm - in) 600
Maximum speed (m/min - ft/min) 300
Dimensions (m - ft)

9.78 x 5.62 x 4.28 (standard machine 870 mm wide with shaftless unwinder and rewinder)

32.0 x 18.4 x 14.0 (standard machine 34.2 in wide with shaftless unwinder and rewinder)


CI8 Flexo Printing Machine

COMEXI CI8 is the new horizon in flexible packaging.Maximum quality can be attained using these offset printing machinethat maximizes the total production volumes when compared with other companies that follow traditional processes.

Comexi is regarded as one of the best printing machine suppliers and manufacturers and our offset printing system is known for its resistance to climatic conditions, flexibility and great profitability. Our CI8 plates can be imaged on the site within minutes.

Our offset presses use EB links that helps for sustainable printing. All operating parameters can be stored and retrieved digitally and inkwells regulation is done automatically.

Major benefits of using our Industrial Printing machines:

  • Sustainable process
  • High quality printing
  • Greater profitability
  • Less cost
  • Greater customization

ML1 and SL2 lamination & coating

Comexi has established itself as one of the cutting-edge manufacturer of industrial packaging in the development of solutions for coating and laminating. Our products COMEXI ML1 and Comexi SL2 are the world machines for the stringiest customers. Our products provide peerless proposal in terms of usability and facility to operate with. They provide the best performanceon lamination and coating.

The Comexi ML1 and SL2 meet the high standards that enable them to produce high productivity and efficiency. They contain consistent drying capacity, modular and adaptable features, high-technological trolleys.

Advantages of using COMEXI ML1 and SL2:

  • Automatic coupling of trolleys
  • 3-rollers lamination nip
  • Prodat data system
  • High technological trolleys
  • Fully integrated coatings weigh control
  • Turret winders for a non-stop production

Futura Holographic UV Lamination

Comexi Futura offers added value to packaging and can produce highly attractive visual register effects using UV lacquer using a technology called Cast & Cure. It also offers protection to guarantee the genuineness of the packaging.

Our Holographic laminator enables cold-foil applications or UV lamination, amongst other coatings to provide an attractive finish to the product as well as solvent less lamination.

Technical characteristics:


Maximum speed (m/min – ft/min) 450 / 1476.3
Maximum web width (mm - in) 1330 / 52.3
Maximum laminate width (mm - in) 1315 / 51.7
Minimum laminate width (mm - in) 600 / 23.6
Maximum reel weight (kg) 1000
Maximum unwinder diameter (mm - in) 1000 / 39.3
Minimum/maximum unwinder tension (N) 20 / 550
Maximum rewinder diameter (mm - in) 1000 / 39.3
Minimum/maximum rewinder tension (N) 40 / 600
Prodat Yes
Materials LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, BOPP, PET, PA, Alufoil, Paper, Films Coex


S1 DT Slitter Rewinders

Comexi S1 DT provides excellent results in quality and productivity. It is Comexi’s highest slitting machine and produces jobs with handling difficulties without any trouble.

As other Comexi’s slitter rewinders, the Comexi S1 DT can be integrated with our Comexi Cingular Laser, which is the revolution in the slitting and rewinding sector of flexible packaging. This in-line laser system guarantees the maximum accuracy in applications such as easy open, perforation, pre-cut or numbering.

The application incorporates complex software and laser control systems that facilitate the converter to produce any shape in any direction of the packaging and at any speed, ensuring a perfect web tension control system.

F2 MP Flexo Printing Press

The Comexi F2 MP is extensively used in the flexible packaging sector for the retail and wholesale channel in order to satisfy the printing needs. This press shares the patented FLEXO Efficiency concepts of ergonomics and accessibility as well as the performance and robustness of the rest of the Comexi F2 range: Comexi F2 MB, Comexi F2 WB and Comexi F2 ML.


  • Better Performance
  • Best dying performance
  • Reinforced design for the printing
  • Maximum speed f up to 500 m/min for runs

The improvements of F2 can be managed and monitored through Comexi Cloud software. It facilitates clients to understand their data and processes. This software is the fastest and easiest way to analyse production. Using this tool, companies can use industry 4.0 and understand the processing of their data ensuring optimal decision-making. 

R2 Rotogravure Printing Press

Comexi’s R2 has been designed to meet the requirements of the flexible packaging market whilst maintain the high levels of quality. It contains the equipments corona treater, web video or viscosity control and so on.

This gravure press incorporates the most revolutionary technology in terms of machine control with mechanically driven systems in order to increase efficiency, as well as Siemens’ SIMOTION, which raises energy savings in the consumption of the press.

This product allows quick job change overs, reduces waste, provides mechanical stability at high speed and also offers greater flexibility with a significant reduction of ink usage.

It features the latest innovation in blade systems and dryers. All Comexi R2 units include their own touch screen panel, with controls of the main machine duplicated, including the register, in order to facilitate utmost use.

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