Company : Digiprint Company Limited

Category : Packaging Converting Machinery

Key Products : Micro Embossing Machine, Digital Laser die cutting machine, Foil stamping machines

Digiprint has engaged in printing industries for import, sales and maintenance. The company promotes various die cutting/foil stamping machines from Therm-O-Type(USA), die cutting machines from Hori (Japan), and exporting Micro embossing machine, Aqueous/spot coating machine, Digital Laser die cutting machine, B2 die cut/foil stamping machine, slitters, cutters, feeders and hydraulic die cutting machines which manufacturing in Taiwan.


Operating since 1992, Digiprint has been the foremost manufacturer in Taiwan and able to spread wings into various International Markets.

Micro Embossing Machine

The JS-E serial is designed for precision embossing works. Stable air suction feeder, high capacity pile, double sheet device and front lay, side lay for precision registration. The innovation plate is economic and quick change mode by stainless steel, plate cylinder is unique for heating by hot oil for quickly, stable and even temperature on each corner, this let precision embossing effect on each corner and edge, blanket cylinder equipped unique of oil cooling system to prevent fan out and stretch on paper. The JS-E is best for embossing on plastic films, papers, cardboard and Aluminum foil.

Product Specification:

Model JS-E2 JS-E3
Max. embossing size 1055mm X 750mm 1280mm X 930mm
Max. plate size 1060mm X 840mm 1060mm X 840mm
Min. paper size 300mm X 300mm 300mm X 300mm
Materials thickness 100gsm~500gsm 100gsm~500gsm
Feeding Auto air feeder Auto air feeder
Weight 6500KG 7500KG
Speed(depending on environmental) 2400 RPM 2400 RPM
2400 RPM Front/Side lay Front/Side lay
Dimension 6240X2320X2110mm 6240X2545X2110mm
Power supply 220V three phases 40KW 220V three phases 40KW

Foil Stamping Machine

DG 708 Die cut/Foil Stamping Machine

The reliability of DG-780 is designed for die cutting and foil stamping purpose including auto air feeder, two foil draw, and quick change foil plate and auto delivery device on various post printing jobs. The processing materials including sticker, labels/tags, card board, metal films, plastic films and corrugated paper etc. Equipped with deep air suction feeder on automatic feeding, side lay, front lay and deep delivery device. User friendly digital color touch screen use for to set up various parameters and save jobs for repeat works. DG-780 capable on economic and high productivity by 2200 sheets/ hour.

Product Specification:

Model DG-780
Max. materials size 780mm(W)x570mm(L)
Min. materials size 280mm x 250mm
Max. die cutting frame size 750mm X 540mm
Max. foil stamping area 780mm x 550mm
Materials thickness 0.12~3mm
Max. speed 2200 sheets/H
Foil rolls Two rolls
Heating power 8 KW by four area
Higher temperature 180 Cels degree
Feeder Air suction
Dimension 3800 X 1950 X 2050mm
Power supply 220V 60Hz three Phases

Digi Coat Machine

Digicoat 350 is one of digital finished equipment for primer, spot or over coating on films/papers. Corona, EPC, UV/IR dryer, die cut unit, slitting unit, sheeter on rolls to rolls or sheetfed.

Also available for customize specifications

Model DigiCoat 350
Max. materials width 200~340mm
Pneumatic cylinders 4(3” diameter)
Coating roller Anilox roller
Max. diameter on unwind/rewind 600mm
Over/spot coating dryer UV
Primer coating dryer IR
Power Consumption 220V 3 phases
Weights 1000Kg
Dimension 1930(L)x644(W)x1634(H)mm

Die cutting machine -TRC350

TRC350 is one of digital finished machine for die cut, coating, slitting, sheeting on roll to roll, equipped EPC, Corona, lamination etc. and available for customize specifications

Model TRC350
Max. materials width 340mm
Pneumatic cylinders 6(3” diameter)
Max. die cut speed 0~300/minute
Die cut length 50~300mm
Die cut unit One for 120T
Die cut thickness 0.2~0.5mm
Dies Flexible dies
Slitting blade 6
Power Consumption 220V 3 phases
Weights 2500Kg
Dimension 2312(L)x644(W)x1610(H)mm

Rotary Die Cutting-RDC3852

The RDC-3852 is designed for rotary cylinder and using flexible dies, feeder is equipped air suction feeding, high pile, double sheets detector and auto side lay, front lay. Patented of auto materials exhaust device for save labors and quickly collect products.

RDC3852 is designed for digital control on cut through, kiss cut, perforating, creasing jobs. Best for precision jobs as stickers, labels, greeting cards, tags, business cards, envelope, boxes, coupon and tickets on papers, films and synthetic papers. RDC3852 is an easy operation, stable and economic die cut machine.

Product Specification:

Model RDC-3852
Max. materials size 368mm(W)x508mm(L)
Min. materials size 210mm x 210mm
materials thickness 0.1~0.45mm
Side lay Auto adjustment
Front lay Servo drive
Auto waste exhaust device Standard
Feeder Air suction
Feeder capacity 400mm
Max. speed 4500 sheets/Hr
Dies Flexible Dies
Dimension 2860(L) x 788(W) x 1070(H) mm
Weight 350Kg
Power supply 220V 60Hz single phase

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