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Euromac is the biggest and most experienced manufacturer of Slitter Rewinders in Italy and one of leading suppliers worldwide.

Founded in 1968, Euromac Costruzioni Meccaniche s.r.l., is one of world's leading producers of highly technological machines like slitters rewinders for plastic films, laminates, paper, aluminium foil and other materials for food and non-food flexible packaging.

The products are in continuous development with Euromac’s technical and electronic solutions. In order to develop a product range that exceeds expectations.

The solutions and post sales activities are based on evaluating client-specific requirements.

Built in advanced, innovative and in-house manufacturing facilities, Euromac machines are completely developed on modern CAD systems (both 2D and 3D) guaranteeing precision.

The electronic functions and controls, along with the relevant software are completely developed by Euromac's technical and electrical engineers.

Know to guarantee traceability, availability of products and service worldwide; Euromac machines are equipped with first class electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic components which suits various needs while meeting Customer's technical demands.


Euromac is highly involved in sustainability and environment. It has installed a full Solar panel roof where own green energy is produced and the use of environmental friendly materials such as water based paints is being applied.

TB-3 Duplex Slitting & rewinding

The TB-3 machine finds use in packaging converting applications requiring quick set-up and small slitting widths and small product batches. Euromac can customise TB-3 machine per custom requirements and thus finds use in the most sensitive aluminium foils but also standard films conversion. The fact that the slitter rolls are rewound on two rewind shafts, which can be air expanding shafts or friction shafts with assistance of lay-on rolls, and high precision tension control, makes TB-3, a quality Duplex slitter rewinder.

The main features of this machine are:

  • Web widths from 800 mm to 2.200 mm
  • Rewind diameters 600 mm or 800 mm

Duplex Turret Slitting

The machine is designed to perform in fully automatic cycle making it a Double Turret slitter rewinder for low downtimes of aprox. 30 seconds.. There are two rewind shafts on which the slitter rolls are rewound, the shafts being air expanding or friction; 2 more shafts are made available for roll offloading and new core insertion. TB-3T2 is utilised among Flexible packaging converters like TB-3, but for big product batches and incredibly high output.

The machine can also be equipped with full automatic roll handling and palletizing system.

The main features of this machine are:

  • Web widths from 800 mm to 2.200 mm
  • Rewind diameters 600 mm or 800 mm

Centre Drive & Lay On Rolls

TB-6CM is very reliable for Film producers and converters requiring ergonomic functionality and high output. The equipment is suitable for film manufacturers, metallisers and converters of frozen food packaging and coffee laminates. Considered a heavy duty slitter rewinder, TB-6CM has with independent stations as each roll is rewound on a double arm station for precision in controlling tension individually and assisted by own lay-on rollers.

The main features of this machine are:

  • Web widths from 1.200 mm to 3.600 mm
  • Rewind diameters 600 mm or 800 mm or 1.000 mm or 1.200 mm or 1.500 mm

Stretch Film Slitting Machines

Primary film slitting and rewinding machines

TB-8 being a Primary slitter rewinder with independent stations caters aptly to Film producers where primary film lines are installed. Each roll is rewound on a double arm station, for precision in individual tension control and assisted by own lay-on rolls. The machine can be fully automised in all its aspects.

The main features of this machine are:

  • Web widths to 8.000 mm
  • Rewind diameters 600 mm or 800 mm or 1.000 mm or 1.200 mm

TB-8 series has highly automated options with in increased robustness for increased web widths. Easy web doctoring and cleanliness are maintained well with its bridge overhead web path. Available with finished roll unloading on moving trolleys.

Doctoring & Rewinding machines

Doctoring and Rewinding machines

Versatile Roll Rewinding machines designed for a range of flexible packaging materials and plastic films including laminates, special papers and aluminium foils. With double shaft and option for dual running direction, the CB series machines function as compact Doctoring machines with high composition capability.

Web widths range from 200 mm to 1.000 mm

Tailored for heavy duty applications, RB series machines are roll Rewinders at single shaft assisted by lay-on roll with high composition capability.

RB series machines are being produced for web widths from 600 mm and up to 2.200 mm and for rewind diameters of 600 mm, 800 mm and from 1.000 to 1.500 mm.

EUROMAC while delivering standard configurations is specialised in developing customized projects.

Automatic Double Turret Slitters for Industry 4.0

New trend in automation is the cooperation with Customer and supplier through the Industry 4.0 protocol. Euromac machines are fully configured to comply with the integration into a customized information network allowing to increase productivity and traceability of the final product. The system also can monitor alarms and errors occurring in the process to implement a safer working environment.

Euromac has supplied various turn-key solutions together with global partners, complete with robotic roll handling systems, conveyors for palletizing and workflow monitoring.

On the slitter itself automatic core loading as well as automatic roll offloading is effected onboard, as well as the more commonly used auto knife setting capability.

The picture shows two Euromac automatic Double Turret slitters Model TB-3.06T2 with integrated handling platform.

Euromac develops its machine with flexibility and in straight connection to customer wishes. In all aspects of the slitting and rewind process, Euromac is providing advanced solutions to help the increase of productivity and ergonomics as well as safety aspects.

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