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Key Products : Compact & Flexible Dual Shaft Slitter Rewinder, Heavy Duty Dual Shaft Slitter Rewinder

Laem System is a leading Italian manufacturer of high-tech slitter rewinders and converting machines for the Film, paper and converting industries.

The company has been developing custom-made solutions for the Industry since 1972. In 2001; Elliot Malki took over the company with the vision and objective of becoming the preferred supplier of high-end slitter rewinders for the leading players in the film and flexible packaging industry around the world.

Passion, creativity, refined technology and flexibility define our approach and characterize the machines we engineer and manufacture. The input and experience of our customers, together with our creative engineering and knowledge of web handling allows us to develop unique solutions that address specific problems and exceed customer’s expectations.

Laem system offers:

Standard products

In the past 10 years we have continuously improved our product range of standard and modular slitter rewinders for converters – RB Series & TR Series – and for film manufacturers or metallizers – TR 555 Series.

Complete Turn Key Projects

The constant search for productivity and efficiency has encouraged Laem System to offer complete solutions for the handling, personalizing and palletizing of the finished rolls, allowing the turret machines to perform at maximum productivity.

Special Tailor-Made Machines

The ability to listen to customers’ needs has pushed Laem System to develop many unique solutions or modifications of standard models that solved a specific need.


If you would like to buy a new machine, but your budget only allows you to retrofit an old one, you can still talk to us about your specific needs and what you want to achieve. We can retrofit and improve existing Laem System machines, as well as Slitters from other manufacturers.

Flexible Dual Shaft Slitter RB2

RB2 – Compact & Flexible Dual-Shaft Slitter Rewinder


The Rb2 is the ideal slitter for a medium sized or large converter who needs to produce in an easy and efficient manner finished rolls with a flat edge and with consistent tension ranges.


The standard layout features a separate shaftless unwinder and it’s modular design also allows integrating several value adding features like perforation or laser scribing.

Dual Shafts Turret Rewinder TR2

TR2 – Heavy-Duty Dual-Shaft Slitter Rewinder


When there is a need to rewind and handle extremely large and heavy rolls, or when the materials to handle require particular accuracy and sophisticated slitting technology, there’s no better choice than this lean machine.

Dual Shaft Slitter Rewinder RB4

RB4 – Dual-Shaft Slitter Rewinder for quick job changeovers


Designed for film manufacturers and converters who need to produce several finished reels of relatively small diameters, this centre-driven slitter rewinder drastically reduces the cycle downtime of a dual shaft machine since the operator places the new cores on the idle shafts, with the aid of a laser pointer, as the machine is rewinding.

Slitter Rewinder TR4

TR4 – Heavy-duty dual-shaft slitter rewinder for quick job changeovers


The TR4 dual-shaft slitter rewinder has the same structural and functional characteristics as the TR2, with the addition of automatic change of the finished rolls. It is the ideal solution for the modern converter that needs to produce excellent quality rolls while achieving a very high productivity

Film Slitter Rewinder

TR555 Standard – Secondary slitter-rewinder for film


The TR 555 has been specifically designed for BOPP, BOPET or CPP manufacturers who need to convert clear, metallised or coated films, while preserving the surface quality and barrier features of these extremely delicate applications.


Excellency in centre-driven rewinding, high-precision centre-winder with individually controlled motorized stations and pneumatically adjustable lay-on rollers make this a Prime Example of centre Winding Technology

Wide Web Slitter Rewinder

TR555 Wide Web – Wide Web slitter-Rewinder


The continuous search of productivity in the metallization and film industry has caused the width of jumbos to increase in time. As a consequence of the new width requirements, Laem has developed a new lay-out and technology.


Processing such heavy reels at high speeds requires a dedicated web path which recalls the primary slitting technology.


The main special features include:


  • 2-block shaftless unwinder
  • Carbon-fibre process rollers of a suitable outside diameter
  • Special tendency driven technology for the process rollers
  • Both the S-wrap draw rollers and the auxiliary draw rollers are driven.



Designed to handle heavy wide reels at high speeds, this unwinder is ideal for jumbo rolls with standard 6“ or 10“ steel cores which are usually loaded by crane.


Alternatively, Laem can offer a specially designed trolley integrating hydraulic platforms that can load the new jumbo roll and unload the steel core at the same time.

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