Company : Uteco Converting S.p.A

Category : Packaging Converting Machinery

Key Products : Flexographic Printing Presses, Rotogravure Printing Presses

Latest developments in flexo printing technology: Uteco\'s Kiss&Go, SmartMatch and G.I.M.

p style="padding-left:20px; text-align:justify;">In the last 15 years consumers' habits have changed as regards their behavior towards packed products. The increase of women at work, with less time to prepare food at home, the growing demand for food portions for "singles", the attention to better looking of packaging and many other features bring consequently to an increasing need of more packaging, with better looking and efficiency.



This means a must for companies in quicker change of image of the packing, with short runs, keeping a special attention to reduction of costs, wastes and delivery times.



p style="padding-left:20px; text-align:justify;">Already in 2010 the Uteco Group had achieved excellent results in terms of sales volumes, production value and economic margins and indexes. Revenues had shown an increase of 23%, thanks to a strong order incoming, which had determined about a +20% compared to a year, 2009, which had been in strong recovery too (+30%).



All the important values above mentioned had led the Uteco Group, after the crisis that affected the world economy in 2008-2009 (biennium in which Uteco hadn't carried out any internal reorganization and had, indeed, increased the global market share) to results even better than those already achieved in 2007, when the famous international agency company D&B awarded rating N. 1 to our Company, certifying at international level that Uteco was able to offer the maximum guarantees in terms of stability and reliability.



The year 2011 has been marked for Uteco Group by the sales of many converting lines for particular applications, and, furthermore, by its consolidation in the emerging markets.


First of all, the Far East, especially China and India, have been very active in the continuous demand for specific machines able to replace the rotogravure lines (that are anyway requested), the historical high end technology in those countries.



Actually, very important presses have been sold to customers there. First of all Uteco’s Onyx 812, the big repeat machine specific for the pre-print market, suitable to print long repeats (they reach 1.200 mm) on paper up to 350 gsm, has been supplied to a Chinese company. After it, a similar machine Onyx 812 has recently been purchased also by a Polish customer which main activity is producing shrink film for beverage bottles.