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Category : Packaging and Labelling Equipment and Solutions

Key Products : Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machines, Mac Engineering

Imanpack has established itself as a first small horizontal form fill and seal machine for packaging, the Micropac. Today the company has two active branches in the world offers a complete line of automatic packaging equipment to meet the needs of any industry such as food, non-food, medical, hardware and technical products. While, the worldwide agents provides Imanpack's commercial services, technical assistance and exchanges.


All the machinery and products are manufactured according to the CE rules. Therefore, Imanpack is known for its creative understanding, ensured innovation, dynamic foresight and continuous collaboration. Imanpack's products are exported at 60% and supply in Italy at 40%.

Horizontal Packing Machine

Servoflex Pba / Pbb Horizontal packing machine


Servoflex Pba / Pbb Horizontal packing machine is a flow - wrapping machine that works with the smallest and simplest flow-wrappers to the most advanced and high-tech electronic models. This horizontal packing machine, reverse reel holder, suitable for heat sealable films. The machine comes with


  • Conveyor belt with pushers for product's feeding 2500 mm long and 300 mm wide with stainless steel top
  • Bottom film reel holder up to 600mm wide
  • Universal forming tunnel with manual adjustment in width
  • Cross sealing jaws with sealing jaws up to 350mm width adjustable in height
  • Fin seal unit with two pre-heated wheels, two sealing wheels and two folding wheels
  • Safety guards in plastic material with safety switches
  • Transport belt under the sealing wheels to carry the product to the sealing jaws
  • Exit belt 900 mm long
  • Servo motor control fro 4 driving motors
  • PLC with Imanpack operator's interface
  • Pneumatic components

Form Fill and Seal Wrapper

Microvert 2000 Form fill and seal wrapper


Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machines, Microvert 2000 can pack any free-flowing product from liquid to solid by counting or weighing. This vertical form fill and seal machine is suitable to pack different types of food product, general fastener and hardware products. The machine has


  • Motorized reel holder activated by dancer bar
  • Film draw form drive-belts with teeth
  • Pouch length adjustment, encoder controlled
  • Cross seal jaws pneumatically activated
  • PLC driven system
  • Pneumatic components

Mac Engineering

Mac Engineering is counters/scales that have automatic or microprocessor controlled counters. These scales are equipped to guarantee precision and quality in every bag.

Box and Tray Forming Machine

MTRF 2000 Automatic box and tray forming machine


MTRF 2000 is an automatic box and tray forming machine that is specialized at carton forming and closing. This automatic box and tray forming machines can pack vertical and horizontal cartoners. The exclusivity of this automatic box and tray forming machine is the possibility of forming boxes or trays with hot-melt or by joint.

Robot Palletizer

Robot Palletizer Anthropomorph is a palletizing and handling machine. This palletizing and handling machine is efficient at pick and place operations. This palletizing and handling antropomorph robots are useful for case packing and end-of-line handling and palletizing.


The Four Axis Robot palletizer microprocessor driven complete with:

  • Axis 1: Robot rotation
  • Axis 2-3: Horizontal and vertical arm motion
  • Axis 4: Rotary Arm motion
  • Gripping Head with suction cups or pneumatic pincers depending on the product to be handle
  • Support Base
  • Mechanical stopping device for proper pallet positioning on the floor
  • Safety guard

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