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Key Products : Offset Printing Machinery, Offset Printing Packaging Machine, Screen Printing Machines

UV-Tek Curing Solutions, a 25yr old experienced company develops solutions for Finishing Systems and UV Technologies.

Based in Turkey, it is a manufacturer of roller coaters, automatic spraying machines, UV / IR, hot air drying systems and equipments.

Has got its presence in 4 main branches namely; printing & packaging, wood based panels, glass and marble industries for finishing solutions and holds approximately 3.000 pcs installed machines / lines globally.

In order to maintain national and international standards; regulations, occupational health & safety and environmental legislations are taken into consideration and there is always a continuous quality management system and enhancement of the product’s effectiveness.

DOW-UV Curing & Printing Machines

DOW Model In-Line Uv Curing System With Water Cooling

DOW Model In-line UV Curing System is a touch screen control interface which is compatible with offset printing machines.

It has a lamp power between 160 to 200 W/cm and the printing & curing width is in between 60 to 160 cm. There is a dichroic-cold reflector & quartz as an alternative and replacement of UV lamp can be done swiftly & effortlessly.

The specially designed aluminum reflector present in it can absorb infrared, efficiency of UV energy to the peak. There is also an automatic alteration of fan speed because of varying lamp working power and the automated stepless modification of lamp power is because of the pace of printing machine.

OC- In line UV Curing System

OC Model Uv Curing System With Conveyor Belt

Like DOW Model In-line UV Curing System, OC Model Curing System with Conveyor Belt is also compatible with offset printing machines. Some similar properties include specially designed aluminum reflector absorbing infrared and efficiency of UV energy to the peak and there is fast & easy replacement of the UV lamp too.

But it is 50-150 cm wide for printing & curing, has detached cooling fan for every lamp and the vacuum fans present in it are for base cooling. It has a non-obligatory quartz heat filter, PLC & touch screen, the electric control panel is very well connected with the machine so as to form a solid design and is easy for maintenance.

JC-Screen Printing Machines

JC Model Combination Dryer System With Uv-Ir-Jet Air

JC Model Combination Dryers is well-suited for screen printing machines and has UV lamp unit and air-cooler respectively. It has a discretionary step control power unit, PID control for temperature adjustment and is 50 to 200cm wide for printing & curing.

This too, like others, has got an aluminum reflector which absorbs heat & UV energy to the max, a discrete cooling fan for every other lamp and a vacuum fan for cooling the base. The UV lamp unit present cools down only by elevated performances and the air-cooler has got extraordinary channels for air flow.

FSA-Offset & letterpress printing

FSA Model Uv Curing Systems

Unlike others, this machine is well-suited for flexo, offset and letterpress printing machines and can be attached behind each color unit. It has a dichroic-cold reflector & quartz filter as an optional, width of curing is between 10cm to 45 cm and there can be a quick replacement of UV lamp as well.

With the touch screen control interface, there is an automatic shutter system to close the shutter if by chance there is power. There is even an automatic change in fan speed and lamp power because of the lamp working power and speed of printing machines respectively and obviously because of exceptionally present aluminum reflector, heat absorption and efficiency of UV energy is high.

ESA-Web Offset Printing Machine

ESA Model in-line UV Curing System‏

ESA Model UV Curing Systems is a touch screen control interface that has been designed to be compatible with roll to roll flexo and web-offset printing. With dichroic-cold reflector and quartz filter as an optional, it has an automatic shutter system to shut the refractor if in case of power and the UV lamp can also be replaced easily and quickly.

It can be adjoined behind to each color unit and its width of curing is in between 60 to 170 cm. Like the above mentioned systems, this too has an aluminum refractor which can absorb infrared and efficiency of UV energy to extremes and the UV lamp units are often cooled down by high performances.

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