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Category : Packaging and Lamination Machines

Key Products : Athos Semi Automatic Machine, Double Sided Tape Rap Applicator, Duplex Fold Gluing Machine

APR Solutions SRL is one of the prominent company in Italy and around the world. We are specialized in providing high quality machines for paper and packaging industry. Our team has a vast knowledge in manufacturing process and they produce the equipment based on the requirements of our clients. We manufacture products following the Italian high quality standards.

We use latest technology to create machines for both packaging and commercial. APR Solutions offers automatic and semi-automatic equipments for the application of the double-sized tape and tear-tape.

We manufacture machines such as:

  • Double sided tape application machines
  • Folder-gluer machines
  • Envelope Maker Machines

Athos Semi Automatic Machine

ATHOS is a semi-automatic machine that has been designed to apply double-sided tape in automatic way, with manual feeding. This semi automatic tape application machine consists of a manual feeder for the application of the double-sided tape on any type of paper support, corrugated, cardboard, corrugated, PVC, plastic, wood.

The flexibility of the production makes innovative folding and gluing machines crucial for the recognition of envelops postcards, folders, boxes, shopper bags etc.

Athos is created using two applicators, RAP, and group of wheels on the output roller and delivery table:

Format machine introduction: Max: 800 x 1050 mm
                                           Min: 100 x 100 mm

Min paper weight: 80 g/m²
Max paper weight: 800 g/m²
Mechanical Speed: 70 Mt/m


Double Sided Tape Rap Applicator

Doubled Sided Tape Rap Applicator is an applicator of any type of double-sided tape, be it tissue tape, acrylic, foam or TVC that fits to any type of machine. Double Sided Tape Applicator is designed to apply double-sided tape (Bi-Adhesive tape), acrylic, foam, PVC and transfer tape in automatic way on any kind of automatic or semi-automatic machines such as folder-gluer machines or simple suction belts or normal.

RAP automatic double sided tape is controlled by a very accurate and effective electro-pneumatic system that guarantees a linear application on any type of support used.

Technical Specifications:

Tape width (Min-Max): 9 mm – 25 mm and on request up to 50 mm
Min paper weight: 80 g/m²
Max paper weight: 800 g/m², all corrugated flute type: A, B, C, E, F, N, EB, EF and PVC.

Compact Folding and Gluing Machine

Compact folding and gluing machine is the ultimate solution for finishing simple folders with one or two pockets, folders with gussets, normal and special envelops, linear boxes, CD?DVD envelops, flex covers in two passages, simple picture frames and so on. BOX PLUS is a folding and gluing machine for straight line boxes.

Compact is an innovative folding and gluing machine designed for the production of:

Envelopes size C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, C9, C10, DL;
Envelopes size RA3, RA4, SRA3, SRA4;
CD/DVD envelopes with one or two pockets;
Application of double-sided tape on the poster and envelopes.

Technical Specifications:

Machine introduction format: Max: 720 x 1020 mm
                                          Min: 80 x 100 mm
Paper weight: from 80 to 300 gr/m2

Duplex Fold Gluing Machine

Duplex Fold gluing machine is designed and manufactured to fold and glue. Our folding and gluing machines contain complex folders with three or four pockets. We manufacture envelope Size Envelops size C2, C3, C4, C5, DL, C6, C7, C8, C9, C10, DL.

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