Company : APR Solutions SRL

Category : Packaging and Lamination Machines

Key Products : Athos Semi Automatic Machine, Double Sided Tape Rap Applicator, Duplex Fold Gluing Machine

Athos Plus

Box Plus

Rap Strip

Athos 01

Athos-Tape Application Machine

Athos Plus con 2 RAP

Athos Plus Con Teartape

Athos Plus

BOX 1-Manual Folding and Gluing Machine

BOX PLUS 1-Folding and Gluing Machine

Box Plus 1

Box Plus 2 27.07 C

BOX PLUS 2-Folding and Gluing Machine

Box Plus 2

Compact-Envelope Making Machine

Continuous Feeder - 2

Continuous Feeder

Delivery Unit

Maxi Athos-160-01

Maxi Athos-160-02

Mini Athos-01

Mini Athos-02


RAP Strip 2016 Bassa Qualita

Render RAP 2016

Render RAP Posteriore 2016