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Key Products : Non Woven Fabric Making Line, Lamination Machine, Flexographic Printing

Yanfeng Group of China is established in the year 1987 and our company is a state-level high and new technological enterprise integrated with scientific research, development, manufacture, sales and services.

We have membership in the following Associations:

  • Key member of Chinese Plastic Machinery Industry Association
  • Chinese Plastic Process Industry Association and Chinese Packaging Association
  • A member with self-supporting import and export permission of Chinese Quality Association
  • A member of Chinese Chamber of Commerce for import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products

Our company has been granted with ISO9001:2008 quality assurance system of Chinese Quality Certification Center for lmport and Export Commodities, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification as well as CE certificate for the entry into EU countries. Our company possess over 40 million US Dollars of fixed assets with over 10 sets of high-precision digital-control machine tools and over 180 sets of various processing machine tools.

Specializations of our company include:

  • Specialized in the field of plastics weaving machinery with the biggest scale
  • The largest sales volume
  • The most complete specification of products
  • The largest number of import countries

Yanfeng products are known for their quality across the globe and they are well-known at home and abroad. Our products have spread over all the cities in China and been exported to over seventy countries and regions such as United States, Russia, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Morocco, Kenya and Zambia etc.

NonWoven Fabric Machine

NonWoven Fabric Machine is a new generation environmental material with good strength, air though, fireproof, waterproof, flexibility, non-toxic and low price. It is used in shoes industry, agriculture, leather industry, printing and packing industry, clothes, beauty, gifts, medical and hygiene department.

This PP Spunbounded fabric making line contains three main models 1600mm/2400mm/3200mm, S or SS or SMS at buyer’s option. We also provide NonWoven Fabric Machine based on our customer’s requirements with high quality and stable, perfect performance of the whole machine.

Scope of Undertaking Project:

  • Design for Spunbounded fabric production
  • Design for equipment that makes Spunbounded fabric
  • Installation debugging for Spunbounded fabric production
  • Debugging for technology for Spunbounded fabric production line
  • Corollary equipment for Spunbounded fabric production
  • Technical correction for Spunbounded fabric production

Flat Yarn Extrusion Line

Our Flat Yarn Extrusion Line is designed and developed to introduce, incorporate the up-to-date technologies. It can also be equipped with advanced filter change structure as well as fibrosis structure that are used for producing flexible packaging bags or fibrosis sewing thread.

Flat yarn extrusion line uses technologies such as:

  • Computer-controlled frequency conversion
  • Speed regulation
  • Controllable silicon direct current speed regulation

It uses the technology to make the main target reach the international advanced level. This technology comes under international electric digital-simulation control technology.

Meanwhile, with high production efficiency and high quality of tape tube forming, as required, this assembly can also be equipped with advanced filter change structure as well as fibrosis structure that are used for producing flexible packaging bags or fibrosis sewing thread.

This line has two kinds of stock thread heating structures: They are:

  • Hot-blast stretching oven
  • Electric baking board for customers’ alternatives

This can be applied to a wide range, such as forming of PP, HDPE and LLDPE flat yarn.

6 Shuttle Circular Looms

6 shuttle circular is a patent device (Patent No.:ZL200820166333.1) that has adopted a small cam type and convex table as well as swing-beam rolling wheel transmission making it simple and steady to run. Shuttle circular looms have adopted rolling transmission is in entire structure, which doesn’t need lubricant.

Some parts like slide block and rod are eliminated while others such as wearing parts are decreased. Shuttle circular can be configured with automatically stop detecting unit when meeting the situation of wrap/weft breaking ending. In addition, the stoppage unit is sensitive and reliable.

It has adopted the frequency speed regulation which is convenient and stable. This machine is energy efficient, the highest rotation speed of the main motor can reach 180r/min and the power is 3kw, which can save 10 thousand degree electricity compared with the traditional small-sized six shuttle circular loom whose power is 4kw. Electronic intelligent fabric-lifting unit can be configured when the situation requires.

Lamination Machines

We are one of the preeminent Manufacturers of Lamination Machines across the globe. Paper Laminating machine can be capable to do coating on PP woven fabric uniformly by using melted PP and PE mixture to make one-side or two-side coated woven bags. Being the leading Lamination Machines Suppliers, we also make use of the good adhesive property of PP and PE mixture at melting status to laminate the printed paper, OPP or CPP film to the pp woven fabric or nonwoven fabric to get paper or film laminated bags.


  • Temperature of the machine is controlled automatically
  • Width of coating and laminating is adjustable
  • Fabric roller is put on by pneumatic device, six-station for material conveying
  • Pneumatic-hydraulic edge correction for Rewinder and magnetic powder clutch to control tension are adopted
  • Pneumatic structure for compression roller is adopted to make the pressure uniform and adjustable
  • Frictional winder is configured.
  • Swing-type frame can be added, if required.

Different Structures for Option:

  1. If you want to make two-side laminated bags with glossy effect, you can choose six-roller two-die two mirror rollers’ structure.
  2. If you want to make two-side laminated bags with matt effect, you can choose four-roller two-die structure.
  3. We can also make double-extruder two-die two mirror rollers’ structure according to customer’s requirement.


Model No. SJ-FMF90/1000/4 SJ-FMF90/1000/6
Diameter of Screw (mm) 90 90
L/D Ratio of Screw 28:1 28:1
Number of Die 2 2
Width of Die (mm) 1000 1000
No. of Roller 4 6
Gross Power (kw) 71 76
Motor Power of Extruder (kw) 15 15
Heating Power of Extruder (kw) 40 40
Power of Driving Motor (kw) 5.5 11
Max. Coating Width (mm) 750 750
Coating Speed (m/min) 30-120 30-100
Installing Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 13800×6000×2500 15500×6000×2500
Approx. Weight (kg) 6100 7600


Reverse Lamination Machine

We are the best Reverse laminating machine Manufacturer across the globe. We provide reverse lamination machine that gets the tubular fabric with liner heated and then the liner cam be laminated with the fabric strongly. Fabric Laminating Machine is perfect for the production of woven bags for chemical materials, fertilizers, animal feed and sugar and so on.

With PLC centralized control, touch-screen operation, automatic temperature and speed control as well as malfunction alarming, it achieves the integration of mechanics and electronics. We can adjust speed and temperature either manually or automatically to get the fabric and liner laminated synchronously. Multifunctional Laminating Machine adopts pneumatic frictional Rewinder driven by torque motor, which can get flat and even fabric roll.

Main Technical Parameters:

Model No. YF-NMF/650 YF-NMF/750
Folding Width of Fabric (mm) 550-650 620-750
Max. Diameter of Unwinding Fabric Roll (mm) 1200 1200
Max. Lamination Speed (m/min) 50 50
Heating Power (kw) 36 48
Gross Power (kw) 10 14
Installing Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 22000×1700×3100 22000×1700×3100
Approx. Weight (kg) 10000 12000


Automatic Cutting and Sewing Machine

  1. Woven Bag Automatic Cutting and Sewing Machine automatically accomplishes the heat cutting and bottom hemming at fixed length for color-printed or plain woven cloth roll, which saves much labor forces.
  2. PP Woven Bag Making Machine adopts touch screen for presetting, PLC for controlling and servo motor for driving in order to control the length of sack precisely.
  3. The mouth of bag is easy to open and won’t be conglutinated after heat cutting.
  4. With automatic counting, the finished sacks can be delivered in batches.
  5. With pneumatic roll-installing, it’s so convenient to operate.


Model No. YF-SCD-1200×800
Max. Diameter of Cloth Roller (mm) 1200
Cutting Length (mm) 600-1200
Folding Width (mm) 20-30
Gross Power (kw) 6
Max. Cutting Width (mm) 800
Cutting Precision (mm) ±4
Production Capacity (pcs/min) 20-40
Approx. Weight (kg) 2200
Installing Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 5100×4500×1200


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