Company : Yanfeng Group Co., Ltd.

Category : Packaging and Lamination Machines

Key Products : Non Woven Fabric Making Line, Lamination Machine, Flexographic Printing

NonWoven Fabric Machine

Flat Yarn Extrusion Line

Lamination Machines

8 shuttle circular loom

big-sized 4-shuttle circular loom

Cam Type Winding Machine

high speed flat yarn extrusion line

High-speed Circular Loom for Mesh Bag

lamination machine

Oil-free little cam 4 shuttle circular loom

Oil-free little cam 6 shuttle circular loom

plastic tape drawing machine

single-spindle winding machine

2 color flexographic printing machine

2 color gravure printing machine

4 color flexographic printing machine

6 color flexographic printing machine

flexographic printing machine

Gravure Printing Machine

Relief Offset Press for PP Woven Sack

Reverse Lamination Machine

Automatic Cutting and Sewing Machine