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Key Products : Flexible Conduits And Fittings, Corrugated Metal Hoses, Heat Protection Products, High-Performance Flexible Conduit, ATEX Solutions

Specialized in manufacturing Anaconda Sealtite conduit systems, Hiprojacket heat protection systems and Anaconda corrugated metal hose assemblies, Anamet Europe enjoys a high reputation all over Europe and across the globe.

Anamet has been recognized as one of the best manufacturer of conduit systems and supplier of flexible hose systems. We have been in this industry over 65 years and continue to develop innovative products and excellent services.

Our product range includes:

  • Conduits
  • Metal Hoses
  • Fittings and Ancillary Products

Our years of expertise provide the best solutions to our customers needs and this experience made us a specialist in flexible hose connections. Besides supplying the necessary components, we are also capable to deliver assembled products fully in accordance with client’s specifications.

We have supplied hose systems to industries such as Power Plants, Steelworks, Machine Builders, Trains, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Military and Food Equipment.

Our Specialty’s include:

  • Quality
  • Excellent Service
  • Worldwide Partnerships
  • Innovative Products

Flexible Conduits and Fittings

Anamet’s Anaconda Flexible Conduit and Fittings are available in five groups:

  • Metal Conduit without Cover and the optional fittings
  • Metal Conduit with Convoluted Cover and the optional fittings
  • Metal Conduit with Thick Smooth Cover and the optional fittings
  • Non-Metallic Conduit and the optional fittings
  • Corrugated Nylon and the optional fittings

We are the leading manufacturer of protection systems all over the Europe and across the globe. Our Anaconda Sealtite Conduit systems are durable, and sunlight resistant. They are easy to install and can be cut without difficulty.

Corrugated Metal Hoses

Anaconda corrugated hoses are made by thin wall tubing that is corrugated into annular profiles. Anaconda stainless steel corrugated hoses are used for various applications and are made based on strict quality control guidelines, coupled with modern manufacturing practices.

Corrugated metal hoses are pressure tight and is particularly adapted to continuous flexing or vibration. They are available in open or closed pitches.

Heat Protection Products

Anamet Europe’s Heat Protection products are the right choice of heat protection materials for cables and hoses. They play a key role in the functioning process and durability of the equipment.

Cable and Hose Heat Protection materials are divided into 3 groups:

1) Hipro Products: They consist of an E-glass fibre base, covered with iron-oxide silicon rubber.

  • Temperature range: -55 °C till +260 °C continuous, +800 °C for approx. 20 minutes and +1640 °C for 15-30 seconds
  • Flammability: UL-94 V1.

2) Thermo-Products: They consist of E-glass fibre.

  • Temperature range: -55 °C till +538 °C continuous.

3) Silica-products: They consist of completely amorphous silica fibres.

  • Temperature range: -55 °C till +1090 °C continuous

These products are available in diverse groups and executions such as sleeving, tape, blankets and remountable wraps.

ATEX Solutions

Our ATEX solutions are used for the mechanical protection of cables and for the connection of equipments in a safe and explosion proof way. Our Flexible electrical conduits are available in shielded version for the connection of armoured cables.

High Performance Flexible Conduit

High performance Flexible Conduit is majorly used in the apparatus and machine building industry where tight bending diameters are involved. High performance conduit systems are delivered on convenient reels such as card board reels with stamped metal core.

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