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Key Products : Geared Motors, Gear Boxes, Rotary Vibrators

Shakti Engineers was started in the year 1978 and is now in the business of import substitution and development work in the field of Geared motors, Rotary Vibrators, etc.

Geared Motors

Geared motors are designed to provide most efficient, economical and compact drive for low shakti -engineerseed applications. Shakti’s geared motors are a combination of an electric motor (A.C. or D.C.) and a gear box (helical, worm or epicyclical) converting the high shakti -engineerseed of the prime mover to low shakti -engineerseed with maximum efficiency. These units are manufactured under the supervision of trained technical personnel with strict quality control, latest know how technology and appropriate raw materials.

The Electric Motor is designed for trouble free, economical performance. It seals off the input side of the gear box. Normally it is totally enclosed, fan cooled, continuously rated, Class B insulation operating on 400/440 volts, 3 phase, 50 cycles A.C. supply as per IS:325. Class F or H insulation, IP 55 enclosures etc. can also be offered.

Gear Boxes

Adopta Gear Boxes from Shakti are Helical Inline Gear Boxes, designed to mount flange type I.E.C. Standard Electric Motors. Also on offer are Worm Gear Boxes from 1 1/8" Crs to 10 1/2" Crs 7:1 ratio to 60:1 ratio having universal, horizontal, flange type of mountings suitable for coupling to the prime mover & nbshakti-engineers; Heavy duty three stage geared motors give low RPM in the most compact and economical price. With feed of 0.37KW to 25KW they produce an output torque of 50 NM to 15,000 NM and shakti-engineerseeds of 3 to 300 rpm on horizontal foot or flange mounting & nbshakti-engineers; Hollow Shaft Helical Geared Motors.

Flange mounting type is most suitable for stirrer duty and depth of the stirrer can be adjusted freely without disturbing arrangement. Apart from shakti -engineersecific designs Shakti also offers various types of combinations such as mounting dimensions, type of insulation, degree of protection, dual shakti -engineerseed, triple shakti -engineerseed, flame proof, DC etc.

Rotary Vibrators

Rotary Vibrators help to empty, ventilate, dose, remove dust, dehydrate, convey, loosen, mix, test, clean screen, classify, compact, distribute, feed etc. These vibrators therefore have a very wide application in following industries + Mining + Fertilizer + Power Stations + Foundries + Chemical Industry + Pharmaceuticals + Foodstuff etc. Rotary Vibrators are totally enclosed, surface cooled units operating on 400/440 volts 3 phase, 50 cycles, AC supply. The vibrating frequency depends on the revolutions of the rotary unit. Shakti Engineers offer low maintenance due to absence of belts, pulleys, chains, shakti -engineersrockets etc.

Vibro Seperators

Vibro separator is suitable for Dry separation - by particle shapes, Solid and liquid separation- Dewatering of solid and classification. Vibro Seperators can handle a wide range of materials, heavy or light, dry or wet, coarse or fine, hot or cold etc. High rate of production can be achieved even with finest powders. As many as five screens could be mounted on one separator achieving six sizes.


The whole operation is very clean and pollution free. Due to vibrations in the vertical plane, blinding of screen is minimized. However, for certain materials which have inherent blinding, sticking property and shakti -engineersecial accessories can be used to eliminate this problem. The discharge ports could be rotated and are most adoptable to your process needs.


The design enables to utilize the vibratory force generated by the motor to the optimum and very few moving parts reduce the maintenance to minimum.

Bin Activator

Bin Activator provides on demand, positive, trouble free continuous discharge from storage of wide range of difficult to handle materials in a variety of densities and particle sizes. Available in preassembled form, bin activator is built up of a shakti -engineersecially profiled discharge head which is flexibly hung from bin. The gap between the bin and discharge head is sealed by an elastic sleeve. Besides Bin Activators and self discharging bins other products manufactured by Shakti Engineers is bin unloader, Flexi feeders, Vibro-Metering Feeders, Vibro Blenders and completely integrated and automated Continuous Blending Systems.

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