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Key Products : Packaging equipment for dairy industry

FASA is a manufacturer of packaging equipment for dairy industry.

FASA packaging machines are designed for butter, margarine, processed cheese, yoghurt, cream, ice-cream, milk, confectionary and other food products. The range of packaging machines manufactured by FASA include filling, filling and wrapping, fill and seal, form-fill-seal (FFS), flow-pack, batchers, homogenizers, collating and stacking, glazing machines and cooling tunnels and many others.

Learning to understand the challenges of changing market dynamics, the company has developed the abilities to meet and exceed customer expectations with technological know-how accumulated over the years. Producing to export worldwide, our products have a global presence and are exported to more than 30 different countries in Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Central Asia and far-East as well as South America.

Continuous improvement with robust technology drives us to develop advanced equipment with our experienced and professional staff, design & testing facilities. Complying with the food safety regulations, our products are manufactured relying on in-house facilities whether engineering or metal processing to the final product.

Butter Filling & Wrapping

This is an automatic packaging machine designed to suit foiling and wrapping foods like butter, margarine and curd, sweet curd like mass into aluminum foil laminates or parchment paper.

Example dimensions of briquette:

  • 100(125) g - 75x50x29(37) mm
  • 200(250)g - 100x75x29(37)mm
  • Custom dimensions are available, brick size from 8g till 1000g

Technical characteristics:

  • Maximum output capacity - 80 bricks/min
  • Output control - step-less
  • Batch - volumetric
  • Voltage, V- 220/380
  • Frequency, Hz- 50
  • Machine Dimensions - 2900x2490x1540 mm

ARU Packaging Machine

Automatic packaging machine ARU is capable of operating at high temperatures. The machine is designed to fill and wrap processed cheese in aluminum foil. Each rectangular briquette could be made available with an internal easy opening tear strip which is applied prior to paper label.

Dose mass and dimensions of briquette:

  • 16.6g – 39x39x12mm
  • 30g – 50x50x12mm; 45x40x17mm
  • 50g – 60x45x17mm
  • 62.5g – 50x50x24mm
  • 100g – 71x52x26mm; 90x46x26mm; 120x45x20

The dimensions can be altered per requirements and thus custom dimensions and sizes are available.

Cup Filling and Sealing

Packaging liquid and paste-type food products is now made easy with Automatic packaging machine. The machine is designed to package yoghurt, sour cream, cream, melted cheese etc into round pre-made polymeric cups. A foil is thermally welded over the cup which is ring-shaped and a lid is placed atop depending upon the requirements.

  • Dose mass: 100-500 ml;

Technical characteristics:

  • Maximum output capacity – 40 packs/minute
  • Cup diameter – 75 or 95mm
  • Batching method - by volume
  • Installed power - 1, 4 kW

Re Packing Line

What is so special about Butter re-packing line? This is a unique machine built and designed to re-pack butter from big butter blocks of 20-25 kg size into consumer size portions. The line consists of four different machines. Although each piece of equipment is assigned a dedicated function to perform, the four of these agree to work with each other as a complete system.

The line consists of Butter block cutting machine - SLP; Butter homogenizer – SHG; Butter filling and wrapping machine – ARM; Butter case packer – BS. Output, kg/h- to1200 kg/h, depends on portion size

Tube Filling Machines

ARI-P machine perform to work with butter and margarine. The machine fills butter and margarine into polystyrene containers with aluminum foil or clear polystyrene lids.

  • Machine type - rotary, single-line, intermittent-type
  • Output, strokes/min - 15 to 40 (depending on the product consistency and dosage volume)
  • The temperature of packed product, °C - 13 - 15
  • Dosing range, g - 300 – 500

Bulk Butter Packaging

This is the most sought after machine by enterprises of the dairy industry that are engaged in the continuous manufacture of butter. It is used for packaging in bulk quantities of up to 20 kg in cardboard boxes. Functions well will the manufacturing lines irrespective of other equipment.

  • Type - screw, pulsing action
  • Productivity, boxes/h - 151
  • Containers: boxes from a cardboard tare flat, glued for a butter and margarine, lined with parchment paper
  • Butter temperature, °C: +9 ÷ +16
  • Metering accuracy, g: ±50
  • Number of screws: 2

Flowpack Machine

PM is a horizontal flow-pack type machine equipped to seal the packs on three sides from a roll of heat-sealable packaging film. This versatile machine, with a high degree of operating flexibility and excellent production capacity is used in foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs processing.

Dimension of packages:

  • length: 100-240 mm
  • width: 55-210 mm
  • height: 10 to70 mm

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