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Key Products : Automatic Sleeving Machine, Horizontal Sleeving Machine, Temper Evident Shrink Bands, Shrink Film

Since 1980, Allen Pack is the leading manufacturer and exporter of shrink packaging materials such as PVC / PET / OPS / POF / PE Shrink films, shrink tubing, and shrink labels, and high speed Sleeving machine (shrink label inserting machine).

We are film maker, printer and packaging machinery manufacturer.

As printed sleeve is our bestselling product, we’re proudly to say our gravure printing technology is one of the top notch in the printing industry. The customize-designed sleeves with flamboyant, deep contrast can be applied on all common material films using our printing techniques. This is apt choice for bulk quantity.

Besides providing the best services, we continue updating our equipment based on the latest technology since our company establishment. We are one stop solution for all your shrink packaging needs.

We are committed to manufacturing a wide selection of products ranging from packaging materials to machinery:

PVC Shrink Film
Flat, Centre-folded, Sleeves (Blown/ calendared). Tubing, Neck Bands, Bags (Straight/ Dome)

POF Shrink film
Flat, Centre-folded, Printed

PET(G) Shrink film
Sleeves, Tubing, Neck Bands, Bags (Straight/ Dome)

Packaging Machinery
Sleeving Machine, Sealing Machine, Cutting Machine, Slitting Machine, Labelling Machine, Doctoring Machine, Filling Machine

PE, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, Rigid film, Soft film

Allen pack product portfolio includes:

Automatic Sleeving Machine

Allen Pack’s Automatic Sleeving Machine ASL-1000can be used to easily combine with your company’s existing packaging lines. Based on the requirement of our clients, we can also provide a complete Packaging Machinery and Equipment that would include the conveyor, applicator, and heat tunnel. We are one of the leading Auto Sleeving Machine Manufacturers across the globe.

Our Shrink sleeve labelling machines are suitable for all bottles with various width range and label position application. All sleeving machines are customised to meet the specifications of each product and they are suitable for bottles, cans, cups and containers.



Model ASL-1000
Dimension (mm) (W x D x H) 1270 x 1060 x 2500
Weight (KG) 300
Electric Power Ac 3-Phases 220/380V
Sleeving Speed (100mmCL) 100 bpm
Diameter of bottle Ø30~140mm
Height of bottle Max. 320mm
Material of Shrink Sleeve PVC, PET, OPS, PLA
Thickness of sleeves 0.035mm~0.08mm
Height of Sleeve Max. 250 mm
Diameter of Sleeves core 5”, 6”, 10”


Horizontal Sleeving Machine

Allen Pack commenced developing Horizontal sleeving machines for small diameter containers such as lipstick, lip gloss, lip/eyeliner, and so on. Using horizontal container sleeve wrapping machine, labour cost would be reduced significantly.

Heat shrink sleevingsystemis very simple to operate and there would be a push button for quick changeovers. It can be used for variety of applications. It is easy to maintain this system and AHL-1000 is the perfect solution for lipstick size shrinks packaging. No lubrication is required to provide Shrink Sleeve &Labelling solutions.


Shrink Film

Our Shrink Film contains high quality and exceptional performance. Being the leading manufacturer of shrink sleeve film, Allen pack manufacturers shrink film not only for packaging, but also for printing shrink sleeve also. We provide all kinds of shrink film for packing and printing such as PVC Shrink film, PET Shrink film, and POF Shrink Film.

Usage of automatic and semi-automatic machines reduce cost and our shrink sleeve film and machinery are suitable for all types of food, chemical products, soaps, hardware, sport equipment and so on. Allen Pack’s products are completely airtight, anti-humidity, and anti-dust to help efficiently enhance merchandises’ value. Other than packaging, we also provide flat and smooth shrink film to printing plants rendering the printed packaging.


  • PVS Shrink Film is cost-effective and commonly used for every shrink film printer across the globe.
  • Our PVC is manufactured in accordance with EU RoHS.
  • For the PET shrink film, its shrinkage reaches 65% and 75% which can cover most curvy bottles, polygonal bottles and special shrinking applications.


Shrink Sleeves

Allen Pack has been the prominent manufacturer of Shrink sleeve labels and shrink sleeves since 36 years. We offer various shrink materials such as PVC, POF, PET (G), PE, and LDPE for various purposes and products.

Our offerings include:

  • Shrink Tubing
  • Sleeving Machine
  • PVC Shrink Sleeve
  • Heat Shrink Sleeving

Using our heat print shrink sleeves, 9 colours can be used to make the design look vibrant, rich that renders the product distinctiveness. We proffer a variety of options for effective decoration of various products made from glass, plastic and metal. Our company contains rotogravure printing lines that are capable to print all kinds of designs.


The sleeves can be used in different types of industries, cosmetics, beverage, automobile, toiletries, health, pharmaceuticals, household products, sports equipment etc.


Temper Evident Shrink Bands

Allen Pack also provides Temper Evident Shrink Bands, neck bands, shrink tubing and bags besides shrink film and sleeves. Neck bands are majorly used for tamper evident packaging and also for protection. It increases product safety as the seal cannot be fixed once it is broken.

Our company offers shrink brands in various range of lay-flat size from 4mm to 750mm that are suitable for all products. Another packaging used for tamper-proof is the shrink tubing. It is used in cosmetics, electronics, medical instruments etc.

The tubing can serve the purpose of consolidation and isolation of the products and can be printed with customized logos, slogan, and product description to gain customer’s attention. We also provide preformed shrink bands based on client’s requirements. Shrink bags can be used for individual packaging and also multi-packed and they will safeguard the product and prevent it from damaging.


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