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A.M.P-Rose is one of the world’s leading suppliers that provide A-Z solutions for processing and packaging machines to chocolate, confectionery, candy, biscuit and wafer industries. A.M.P-Rose supplies new, as well as used or rebuilt machinery, spare parts and service and also purchases Client’s redundant machinery. 


In 1978, A.M.P-Rose started as a supplier of rebuilt packaging machines for the confectionery industry and over these 30 years grew as world’s leading suppliers of machines to the chocolate and confectionery industries by exporting 80% of its products to more than 80 countries world-wide.


A.M.P-Rose’s laboratory has a range of confectionery machines is particularly useful for trials and small-scale production and the company is also agents for a number of companies that can supply chocolate processing machinery, lollipop lines, horizontal form, filling and seal machinery.

Cut and Twist Wrapping Machine

A.M.P-Rose 750T cut and wrap machines is a versatile cut and wrap machine that is designed for metric standards of wide range of sweet shapes, sizes and recipes. Global market leaders using A.M.P-Rose 750T cut and wrap machines for its added confidence in keeping abreast of changing markets by the easy change of size or style of wrap on this machine.

  • Wrapping style has a double end fantail twist with twist wrapping grades of waxed paper, cellulose film or PVC. The machine can be used with both single wrapper with an understrip, or overstrip.
  • The reel sizes are standard core diameter 57mm and 77mm that can extend to maximum reel diameter 335mm.

The size range for this machine are:

  • Twist Length: 16-84mm
  • Width (rectangles): 11-25mm
  • Thickness (rectangles): 6-17mm
  • Diameter: 9.5 - 17mm
  • The machine speed at maximum is twist 750 per minute.
  • The power requirement for motor is 2.2kW and a heater is 0.2 kW that can be up to 0.6 kW on other versions.

Cut & Wrap Machines

A.M.P-Rose 42HSBG cut and wrap machines are one of the fastest cut and fold wrappers in the world that produces square and rectangular shaped products and now improved to speed up to 1000 pieces/minute.

  • Outer wrap is A.M.P-Rose 42HSBG cut and wrap machines style of wrap.

The inner wrap involves

  • Standard Bazooka – which takes inner and outer wrappers from a single reel of wrapping material
  • Stickers - which takes inner and outer from separate reels
  • A.M.P-Rose 42HSBG cut and wrap machines are suitable fold-wrapping grades of waxed paper.

The product size ranges are

  • Length: 16 to 45mm
  • Width (rectangles): 11 to 25mm
  • Thickness (rectangles): 4.5 to 13mm

Stretch Wrapping Machine

A.M.P-Rose 5IST Wrapping Machine is designed to wrap a variety of different shapes and types of sweets, including solid and centre filled hard boiled sweets, chocolates, toffee, and fondants etc.

Styles of wrap in A.M.P-Rose 5IST Wrapping Machine are double end twist wrap, sachet, single point turned under fold and crimp.

Machine Speed is:

  • Up to 400 per minute on twist wrapping.
  • Up to 350 per minute on sachet/cestello wrapping.
  • Up to 300 per minute on fold wrapping.

The output in each case depends on the sweet and the method of feeding.

The reel diameter ranges are:

  • Standard reel core diameter: 77mm (3in)
  • Maximum reel diameter: 305mm (12in)

Rebuilt Machinery

A.M.P-Rose supplies used machines, which are reconditioned to a lesser standard that offers the advantage of a lower investment and a quicker lead-time. These machines can be tailored to suit the customers’ budget and specific needs.

A.M.P-Rose work undertaken to a fully rebuilt machine includes the following:

  • Complete strip down to the bare frame
  • Steam clean and spray paint
  • Every component inspected and all damaged or faulty ones replaced or repaired
  • Design and manufacture of new size-change parts
  • Design and manufacture of new style-change parts
  • Re-assembly by skilled, experienced technicians
  • Completely new electrical wiring throughout
  • New electrical panel and components
  • Provision of guarding to meet current Health & Safety standards
  • Machine set-up and test-run using client’s products and wrapping materials
  • Supply of machine operator manuals and electrical wiring diagrams
  • Optional ‘CE’ documentation and accreditation
  • Optional installation, commissioning and training services

Used Machinery

A.M.P-Rose has an extensive stock of used machinery, ranging for the processing and packaging of many types of confectionery, chocolate, wafer and biscuit products. A.M.P-Rose is capable of supplying these machines in 'as is' condition or fully/partially reconditioned to suit your requirements.

A.M.P-Rose also purchases used machinery and can either make an offer for the outright purchase of it, or by choice sell it on machine owner’s behalf.

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