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Key Products : Egg Tray & Fruit Tray Production Line, Industrial Package Production Line, High End Pulp Molding Equipment

BeSure Technology Co. Ltd was established by senior experts, who are into Pulp Molding Industry R&D and practice for more than 20 years. We offer a wide range of production lines that ensemble for China’s national conditions and different categories and specifications of pulp molding production line for pulp molding program investors across the globe.

With advanced technology, competitive price, excellent quality, considerable after-sales, BeSure Tech has gained customers across the globe and became the foremost international supplier in the pulp molding industry. The standardization of our production lines helps to maintain quality and to satisfy the packaging needs of our esteemed clients.

Our pulp molding machines are of the highest quality and environmentally friendly. Our vast range of standard products combined with in-house custom design capabilities make us your one stop shop molded pulp resource. We are committed to customer satisfaction and building, maintain customer relationships.

State-of-the-art manufacturing, innovative, committed workforce with over 20 years of experience allows us to be leaders in pulp molding industry.

BeSure Technology adapts to your requirements:

  • Our pioneering manufacturing process enables the formation of complex shapes
  • Our products may be tinted

Specialties of our company:

  • Hi-Tech Enterprise
  • International R& D team with 48 staff including
  • a) 2 overseas Engineer
  • b) 3 doctors
  • c) 3 Masters
  • d) 110 patent
  • e) 16 CE Certificates

The major products of our company are as follows:

  • Egg Tray/Fruit Tray Pulp Molding Production Line
  • Industrial Package Pulp Molding production Line
  • Finery Packing Pulp Molding production Line
  • Pulp Modled Tableware production Line
  • Pallet (Large-scale) Pulp Molding production Line
  • Medical Nursing Materials Pulp Molding production Line
  • All kinds of Mold Applied to Pulp Molding Industry

The product portfolio of BeSure Technology Co Ltd is:

Egg tray Fruit Tray Production

Using Egg tray-Fruit Tray Production lines, products such as pulp molding egg tray, pulp molding egg carbon/box, pulp molding fruit tray, pulp molding cup carrier and pulp molding disposal medical products and other pulp molding product can be produced.

Raw materials such as old carton, old newspaper, edge paper material and other waste paper from factories are used for making Egg tray, fruit tray production line and egg carton machines.  The main raw material for the Egg Tray Packing Machine and Moulded fiber fruit trays and boxes is waste paper as it is rich in resources and low in price.

Our products can be recycled and can be decomposed into organic matter. They are environmental friendly products.

Features and Advantages:

  • Our Egg tray-Fruit Tray Production lines have long service life
  • They are easy to maintain
  • They yield high productivity and efficiency
  • Easy to install and simple operation

Tableware Production Line

Tableware Production Line has a huge demand in the market and it can be used in replacing disposable foal plastic tableware. Our High Quality Tableware Production Line uses wooden pulp, baggasse pulp as raw materials.

Disposable tableware packaging production line can be automated fully with high efficiency and consistency and low cost of labor. The usage of Tableware Production Line increased and it became the ideal product in fast food industry because of its low cost and well performance.

We develop various capacities of production lines in order to meet the specific needs of our clientele: They are:

1) Fully-Automatic Turn-Over Tableware Pulp Molding  Production Line including

  • TW2000 Pulp Molding Production Line
  • TW3000 Pulp Molding Production Line
  • TW4000 Pulp Molding Production Line
  • TW6000 Pulp Molding Production Line
  • TW8000 Pulp Molding Production Line
  • TW10000 Pulp Molding Production Line

2) Semi-Automatic Tableware Pulp Molding Production Line, including:

  • TWS1000 Pulp Molding Production Line
  • TWS2000 Pulp Molding Production Line

These production lines are used to produce disposable tableware such as meal boxes, plates and so on.


Industrial Package Production Line

The processes of forming, drying, hot-pressing will be finished continuously in the Industrial Package Production Line. There is no need of human labor for the process of raw material adding and product packing.

Advantages of our High end Industrial Package Production Line:

  • Low in labor intensity
  • Low of human labor
  • Low cost of space
  • Favorable for high-end products

Disposal Medical Production Line

Disposal Medical Products Production Line is used in hospitals, nursing homes and military bases. Usage of Medical Waste Disposal Machinery Equipment leads to comprehensive development and utilization of waste. Medical Disposable manufacturers have huge demand in the market and will showcase huge impact in the pulp molding industry.

The major need in producing these production lines is key to meet various needs of different pulp molded products.

High end Pulp Molding Equipments

Molded Pulp Products became the principle substitutes in replacing white polluted products. High end Pulp molding equipments are easy to operate and they consist of fast interchanging of moulds with dryer linking option.

Pulp molding machines are used to produce products that are used in many industries of household appliances, electrical products, tools, laptops, furniture, communication equipment, furniture, tools, art and crafts food, food, health products, toys and so on. Quality Molded Pulp Machine manufacturers have the huge demand in the market as these equipments have been widely used all over the world.

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