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CKF Systems Ltd has been in the manufacturing industry since 30 years providing handling, robotic solutions and conveyor systems. Our strength lies in our in-house engineering and manufacturing capability. We have been in the forefront of innovation and technical excellence in the design. From conveyor systems and high speed pick & place systems to palletising solutions, pallet wrapping and labeling, businesses opt to CKF Systems for automated solutions in order to meet their goals and enhance their business productivity.

Our innovative solutions come with ergonomic equipment design and high degree of safety features. With state-of-art manufacturing facilities, we strive for product and service excellences via our fully-integrated in-house manufacturing facilities.

Benefits of choosing CKF Systems Ltd:

  • Increase Output
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Improve Product Quality

CKF Systems Ltd has set the standards and is the reference in providing robotic solutions and conveyor systems for the industry. We provide a complete comprehensive range of high quality storage and automated systems. We are capable of successfully transferring our products to multinational global brands to start-ups delivering a host of benefits in a wide variety of applications to the food, drink, automotive, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Our company has the capability to undertake full turnkey solutions or provide assistance at any stage of a project. Our team comprises of a 55 strong in-house engineering professionals that is supported by a Gloucester factory-acceptance test and trial facility where new systems are set up for full Factory Acceptance Tests prior to delivery and installation.

The product portfolio of CKF Systems Ltd is:

Robotic Automation Arms

CKF Systems is an ABB ‘Authorized Value Provider’ that receives sales and marketing support together with technical and application advise from both ABB’s UK office and Robotic headquarters in Sweden.

ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies and also a supplier of industrial robots, modular manufacturing systems and service, provides robot studio, a software package that enables our company to simulate robotic applications to confirm design criteria such as cycle time, reach and so on. ABB has installed more than 250, 000 robots worldwide.

We provide Robotic Packaging Solutions such as Robotic Packaging Automation Arms, Automated packaging Systems.  Our robots can be used in various applications and a wide range of payloads from 3kg to 630kg in the power robot range. CKF Systems Ltd is listed as a preferred partner for robotic sales, service, support and engineering.

High Speed Pick Place

High Speed Pick and place robotics can be used for various applications. The major challenge involved of identifying High Speed Pick and Place Robotics is often around the presentation of the product, product identification and method of picking the product.

Our design and engineering team identify these challenges with an ease during the initial stage and also provide consistent and robust solutions.  CKF Systems will provide an assessment of your specific requirements for an automated solution in choosing High Speed Pick & Place Machines. Many of these revolve around the use of ABB Flexpicker robots that can handle loads up to 8Kg and picks rates up to 110 per minute.

We have provided solutions to handle pots at rates of up to 320 per minute, utilizing multiple robotic Flexpickers each picking a different product type to provide a mixed pack directly into a flow wrapper infeed.

Robot Palletising Cells

CKF Systems provides standard Robot Palletising Cells for one, two or three product lines. These Palletising cells have a payload up to 250 kg and are designed around a four axis robotic arm. Depending on case integrity and product weight, standard vacuum grippers with zone control or side clamp grippers can be offered, both would be sized to optimise the case picks and minimise the utilisation of the robotic arm movements.

Empty Pallet Pick and Layer Card Pick and Place also contain additional features. Robot Palletizer Systems and Automated palletizer Systems are available at CKF systems. Standard Pallet Handling Conveyors are available as either chain conveyers or roller conveyors depending on the pallet type to be handled.

Case Packing Cells

Case Packing & Palletizing System

Demand for Shelf-ready packaging from the major retailers has been increased and this showcased pressure on existing production facilities as manufacturers strive to meet the challenge. CKF Systems predicted the need to automate this operation and has developed a fully automated low-cost robot case packing system.

Integrated system confiscates the need for manual packing and enhances consistency, operated within a confined space enhancing flexibility and future proofing. ABB 6 axis robot is used at the heart of the innovative new modular system. The robot is equipped with modular grippers for simple format changes.

Case Packing & Palletizing Systems place packs into cases in a ‘Penny Stack’ for optimal in-store presentation and with the capability to handle a range of weights and pack sizes with less changeover. It also enables the integration of case handling and labelling within the robot cell.

Low-cost Packing Cells

CKF Systems has developed a Low-cost Packing Cells/ System in association with the drive by the British Automation and Robot Association (BARA) on behalf of UK government, to increase the take-up of automation within British Industry. The System is designed to embrace technologies and is specifically aimed at SME. Using it, a user-friendly and highly flexible operation can be performed to reduce production costs through improved efficiencies and quality control.

The system facilitates many businesses to compete more effectively at home and internationally as it is designed around a standard robot cell with integrated product and case handling interfaces.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems and Spiral Conveyors

Our company has been supplying Conveyor Systems since 1988. We supplied our systems initially to the food industry, where they were manufactured from stainless steel, but now to a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical and automotive. Products conveyed range from raw products through process conveying, cooling conveyors, to the wrapping process, carton conveying, case and platen conveyor systems, and pallet conveyors.

Spiral Conveyors became part of many CKF conveyor solutions over the past 30 years. These conveyors are used to elevate or lower products in a confined footprint when compared with other solutions like inclined conveyors or vertical elevators. We are known for providing the right conveyor and handling solution, giving particular detail to customer design requirements.

Layer Palletisers

Our company’s electrical and mechanical engineers use the latest systems and software, backed by Factory Acceptance Test and trial facilities to assemble systems and run to ensure they meet customer’s requirements, on time, on budget and with returns.

The Highrunner mk7 is the fastest palletiser in the Quimarox range. Using the Highrunner mk7, the products are deposited on the pallet layer. The machine must have a built-in buffer feature, where each formed row remains until a layer is complete. The Highrunner mk7 needs to make fewer movements when an entire layer is deposited at a time. This helps to save time that enhances the capacity.

There is no need of rows to move up and down at the time of depositing as the pallet moves up and down with the Highrunner mk 7. This saves even more time, especially with pallets that need to be stacked 1.80 metres or higher. This makes the Highrunner mk7 one of the fastest palletisers in the market.

Pallet Wrapping Machine

Pallet Wrapping (Stretch Wrap Machinery)

CKF Systems Ltd provides Pallet Wrapping and stretch wrapping machines as part of a fully integrated palletising and pallet handling solution. We also provide Pallet Shrink Wrap Machine, Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machines.

Addition of wrapping systems into the palletising solutions is an important part of the design solution offered by CKF. Additional features such as top sheet applicators, corner post applicators and labelling solutions are all available through CKF Systems.

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