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Key Products : Vacuum Filling Machine, Pneumatic Filling Machine

Coven Egidio Snc is a company specialized in the production of crimping and filling machinery for perfume manufacturing. Since 25 years creating high quality and user-friendly products; from the simplest manual crimping tools up to automated filling crimping line.

DV98 Vacuum Filling Machine

DV98 has two nozzles vacuum pneumatic filling machine, able to fill liquid in all different types of shape and capacity bottle. DV98 is pneumatically operated, no electrical parts are involved. Cost efficiency and minimum maintenance are main characteristics.

AP01 Pneumatic Crimping Machines

Pneumatically assisted - manual crimping machine. AP01 is a simple crimping machine suitable for glass bottle and aluminum 1” aerosol cans crimping. AP01 is the only pneumatic operated machine, in our range, that will allow you to crimp aluminum cans. By a simple lever movement, the unit will place the bottle neck into crimping head (jaw) and start a pneumatic ram cycle. AP01 machine is recommended for small-medium scale production.

Speedcut99 Diptube Cutting Machine

Semiautomatic pneumatic dip tube cutting machine. Speedcut 99 is an irreplaceable tool for cutting any valve dip tube. By inserting the tube into a custom made hole and applying slight pressure, an air switch opens and triggers a small cylinder connected to a sharpened punch. Length adjustment depends on the positioning of the cutting apparatus, and can be varied from a minimum of 30 mm to a maximum of 280 mm. Speedcut 99 can be powered by any compressor either industrial or non , given the limited amount of compressed air necessary for its use. As a consequence, speed and productivity rates depend solely on the operator’s pace. 

LA1 Automatic Filling & Crimping Machine

Automatic 12 position perfume / filling crimping line. The intake and expelling features are positioned on the same side leaving maximum inner space in order to carry out a high number of operations. The quick change of format and various program options make LA1 particularly versatile and suitable for small scale production. Included in LA1, besides the three volumetric filling nozzles, the following settings are available: one vacuum/level filling nozzle, one pump fitting device (insertion of micro pump in the bottle), one precrimping device (to center and temporarily fix the micro pump) and a crimping device. The bottle is moved by a closed circuit conveyor belt. LA1 can be integrated into existing lines.

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