Company : Coven Egidio Snc

Category : Packaging Machinery

Key Products : Vacuum Filling Machine, Pneumatic Filling Machine


Semiautomatic pneumatic diptube cutting machine. SPEEDCUT 99 is an irreplaceable tool for cutting any valve diptube thanks to its simple mechanism and cost efficiency. By inserting the tube into a custom made hole and applying a slight pressure, an air switch is opened that triggers a small cylinder connected to a sharpened punch. Length adjustment depends on the positioning of the cutting apparatus, and can be varied from a minimum of 30 mm to a maximum of 260 mm.


The MINILINE machine is built for packaging liquid perfume products.The liquid is filled into bottles, and then sealed with caps of various shapes and sizes.

Motion is operated pneumatically and managed by an electronic system which simulates a series of mechanical cams.

The control system is contained in a pulpit connected closely to the main structure of the machine. The electric motor supply and control panel is also fitted on the same structure.


Automatic 12 position perfume /filling crimping line. The intake and expelling features positioned parallel on the same side leaving maximum inner space in order to carry out a high number of operations. The quick change time of format and various program options make La1 particularly versatile and suitable for small scale production. Included in LA1 apart from the three volumetric filling nozzle, the following settings are present; one vacuum/level filling nozzle, one pump fitting device (insertion of micro pump in the bottle), one precrimping device (to center and temporarily fix the micro pump) and a crimping device.


Two nozzles vacuum pneumatic filling machine, able to fill liquid in all different bottle shapes and capacities through the use of vacuum. This unit is complitely pneumatical operated, no electrical parts are involved. Cost efficiency and minimum maintenance are main characteristics.


CF01 is a simple solution for semiautomatic collar pressing on pumps. The machine will be able to press collar on micro pumps, placing will be done manually. Every time you’ll change from one collar type or diameter you’ll need to replace a plastic collar pressing head into machine head. Machine use is very immediate, manually place your collar on your bottle pump, then fit bottle on machine base centering tool. Machine action will be started by pressing two buttons at same time.


Manual crimping machine AP93L is simple to use and recommended for limited production. It’s built with a solid structure which supports the crimping head (a specific one for each different micropump size) and a support for the bottle. One rotation movement of the lever (approx. 100°) allows the approaching and the crimping operation. The quick replacement of the crimping head makes the machine exceptionally vesatile.


Pneumatically assisted- manual crimping machine. AP01 is a simple crimping machine suitable for glassbottle and aluminum 1” can crimping. This is the only pneumatic operated machine, in our range, that will allow you to crimp aluminum cans by a simple lever movement, the unit will place the bottle neck into crimping head (jaw) and start pneumatic ram cycle. This machine is recommended for small-medium scale production.