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Ehcolo is known for manufacturing and supplying a full range of servo controlled types of palletizers, at the highest technical and quality level possible, for all the industries that use and needs an automatic bag and box handling. These palletizers are a key machine in the Ehcolo supplied turnkey packing lines, consisting of bagging machine – palletizer – stretch hooders/stretch wrapper.

Ehcolo A/S was founded in the year 1987 and is owned by Hans Andersen, CEO. The company is known for its innovation and machines for their high state of technology and top quality, achieved by good employees with high skills and high technical knowledge and craftsmanship.

Ehcolo strives to make its machines as fully automatic as possible and yet simple so that it is easy for operators to understand and maintain and most importantly, that downtime is reduced to almost 0. We offer as standard two years warranty on all parts, cannot be done without quality materials.

Turnkey Packaging Lines (Turnkey Solutions)

Having 30 years of experience in cooperation with partners manufacturing different types of top quality machines, stretch wrappers, and hood stretchers, Ehcolo provides the complete turnkey packaging lines.

There are various types of bagging machines, supplied by different companies in Europe. Ehcolo has joined with the best companies to supply the best turnkey solutions. Lines with FFS bagging machines is the most supplied.

Automatic Palletizers

Ehcolo provides a wide range of automatic palletizers. Our palletizer machines capacity ranges from 0-2500 units per hour, and as the only palletizing manufacturer, we have developed a technology, that saves energy, when motors in the palletizer brakes, which they do often, as this is natural for a palletizer. This energy is reused by other running motors. This saves energy by up to 20% in favour of both environment and economy.

There are various types of palletizing systems. Our palletizing equipment is customized for a special purpose or a special task of operating. At Ehcolo, we have various standardized palletizing systems and we are capable to customize them into the smallest details.

Ehcolo supplies robotic bag palletizers to companies throughout Europe. We have extensive experience in this area and we can meet all requirements.

So if you are interested in saving money and energy, feel free to contact us.

Bag Filling Machine

Ehcolo supplies bag filling machines for various purposes. Our company has partnerships with the leading bag filling machine manufacturers.


We manufacture a top quality high capacity flat film FFS automatic bagging machine, that contains continuously moving film and servomotors. This machine is famous as “a T2” instead of “a FFS bagging machine”.


Specializes in bagging heavy flowing products/powders, but also has a full range of Automatic bagging machines and Big-Bag filling stations.


Specialized in bagging systems for bulk solids, powders and granules serving, in particular, the Chemical, Food, feed, Construction and Minerals industries.

Stretch Wrapper Machine

Our stretch wrappers and strappers are produced by There are two machines; one is Stretch Wrapper and the other Stretch Hooder. UNITECH designs and manufactures stretch wrapper machines and fully automated lines for wrapping, strapping and conveying of palletized loads.

Unitech supply strapping, stretch wrapping, shrink wrapping and plastic net wrapping systems. Having 16 years of experience, Unitech provides innovative and successful solutions to satisfy the diverse and wide range of your needs.

We also supply Stretch Hooder, which have same high quality as our palletizers. Our hood stretchers are produced by

Container loading and unloading

Ehcolo has many years of experience in manufacturing and supplying bulk container loaders and also bulk container unloading systems. Our company contains loading bags in ship containers without pallets.

Container loading without pallets – PR

The purpose of the pallet remover system is to load ship containers or trucks to the roof with bags or cartons, fast and without damaging the goods in any way and without any manual work.

The system requires a standard fork lift truck, the pallet remover and a standard fork lift truck mounted with a push-off device, the last fork lift truck will be able to drive into a container or a truck.

Container Bulk Loader, CBL

Our container bulk loader is ideal for loading dry bulk commodities into containers, such as sugar, malt, fish meal, grain or almost any other free flowing products.


CBL one 20 feet container in 25 minutes.

We also supply a unique pneumatic container bulk un-loader system. The system contains a blower and a rotary valve, and it can be delivered without when tipping down in a receiving hopper.

The unloader is also designed for lumpy products so that these lumps will be “smashed” and be able to transport pneumatically.

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