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Key Products : Die Cutting machine, Wine Capsule Machine, Champagne Capsule Machine

Established in the year 1957, Emmendinger Maschinenbau GmbH began in a cooper workshop. Today it is an internationally well-established expert in the field of technology as well as a renowned manufacturer of special purpose machines that are used in the packaging, food and beverage industry.


The company’s range of products include die-cutting and embossing machines, wine and sparkling wine capsule machines as well as cross cutting machines and complete production lines. Apart from this, the company also provides engineering services for mechanical construction as well as for electronic planning. A specialized consulting will be done initially and then followed by maintenance and supply of spare parts.

Die-Cutting Machine

High-speed die-cutting and embossing machines unwind aluminium and plastic foils and even paper and then cuts it into smaller shapes. These shapes, made out of the die-cutting and embossing machines, find their way as cover, lids, labels, IML, ice-cream cones or bottle neck labels that are commonly used in the packaging, food and beverages industry. Customer’s solutions are provided according to the requirements of clients with respect to foil widths and other materials.

This is our machine that is popular with our customers and has been known to fetch great results:

Machine DS-520

  • High machine speed – up to 400 strokes/minute
  • Integrated shredder for waste foil removal
  • Quick tool changing
  • Extension possibilities for additional modules
  • Individual processing widths (up to 600 mm)
  • Included serial equipment (foil tension control, adjustable idle rollers, counting system and many more)

Wine Capsule Machine

Wine and sparkling wine capsule machines are a forte of the company for more than 50 years now and are manufactured and developed for the production of bottle capsules. Innovation in modular systems which are high in quality and performance, are capable of being built according to customer’s requirements and shape the products with an individualistic touch.

The company’s machines are equipped with various kinds of applications such as embossing, hot foiling, perforations, tar-tabs, ink printing and many others. Based on the requirements of the customers, the machines can be made to process PVC, Aluminum, or complex foil and also include vital serial equipment and tools.

These are some of the machines that are popular with our customers and have been known to fetch great results:

Wine capsule machine WK-12

High speed– up to 275 capsules /minute

  • Typical applications for the WK-12 are capsules of complex or plastic foils for wine bottles or similar dimensions.

Ergonomics and possible changeover

  • The quick change system for mandrels and tools assure high availability and quick machine changeover.

Important serial equipment

  • Touch screen panel,complete tool set, printing mark control and many more.

Modular and innovative machine concept

  • WK-12 is available either for plastic or complex capsules or for both capsule types.

Champagne Capsule Machine

High speed– up to 180 capsules / minute

  • Typical applications for the SK-12 are capsules made of aluminium or complex foil for sparkling wine or champagne bottles.

Important serial equipment

  • Air-conditioned switch cabinet, touch screen panel with recipe administration, tool set and many more.

Ergonomics and possible changeover

  • High machine acceptance – observing the valid safety instructions.

Highly flexible machine concept

  • The SK-12 may be retrofitted for wine bottle capsules with a speed of up to 200 capsules /min.

Cross Cutting Machine

Cross cutting machines by the company are used either directly in an assembly production line or together with an unreeling device. In either cases, the high flexibility of the cross cutting machines brings in a greater efficiency while treating any kind of foil.

By means of latest drive technology and the well-developed EMB elevating cutting system, highest requirements are met as far as quality and performance are concerned.

These are some of the machines that are popular with our customers and have been known to fetch great results:

Machine SH-8

  • 100 cuts/min
  • working width 1500 - 2500 mm
  • Typical application: paper and special foils

Machine SH-6

  • 80 cuts/min
  • working width 1.000 mm – 2.500 mm
  • Typical application: in the production of foils, directly in the production line or with unreeling unit.

Machine SH-4

  • 30 cuts/min
  • working width 500 - 2000 mm
  • Typical application: sheet producing industry

Machine SH-2

  • 30 cuts/min
  • working width 50 mm – 300 mm
  • cutting machines for small sizes for sensitive technical foils and papers

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