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Key Products : EasyScribe, MultiScribe, CombiScribe, PouchScribe

Since 1992 LANG LASER has been offering its customers successful solutions for industrial material processing. LANG LASER creates customized or tailored solutions in association with their customers.


LANG LASER in association with their client has come up with many successful innovations for famous brands from the industries such as packaging, food, automotive, plastics, electrical and textile industries. LANG LASER has come out with economical laser solutions for innovative packaging.


Customer satisfaction is the highest priority of LANG LASER for which they provide customer-oriented approach.

LANG LASER has an ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System with which they assume the responsibility of the future.


EasyScribe WD, WD-P


Easy Scribe WD uses technology that makes finest scribing lines at high speed in the material. The process runs in the web direction. For scribing, individual laser beam sources and precision optics are used. Scribing or perforation pattern is produces by each beam, with its own focusing optics. To produce parallel precisely-running scribing structures with spacing, LANG LASER has developed high precision MFO module (Multi-Focus Optics) which splits, if necessary each laser beam into two or more beams, before it hits the material. In case of position fluctuations on the packaging machine double or multiple tear lines are used. Work operation can be synchronised with the film print if necessary in order to produce at lowest cost.


Features of EasyScribe WD, WD-P


  • Unique performance with 12 processing heads
  • Up to 60 scribing or perforation patterns with Multi-Focus Optics
  • Scribing and perforating processes in a single production step
  • Combination of different hole sizes and scribing line lengths
  • Quicker product change
  • Consistently high quality
  • Powerful, easy-to-use control software


MultiScribe CW


LANG LASER MultiScribe CW is used for scribing in the Cross-Web direction and it can be easily integrated into existing plants. MultiScribe CW has the characteristic to remove only single layers in the scribing process without damaging the barrier properties. The print mark control integrates different scribing structures which allow several applications from simple lines to complex contours for reclosable packaging. Similarly, diagonal and semicircular openings with the highest precision can be made.


Feature of MultiScribe CW


  • High contour freedom
  • Finest focus diameters
  • Perfect compensation of the web speed
  • Easy integration into existing plants
  • Best laser beam quality


CombiScribe WD / CW


CombiScribe WD/CW combines the finest scribing and perforation structures in the web direction with any desired contour in the cross-web direction. CombiScribe WD / CW provide optimum solution for complex production processes.


Features of CombiScribe WD / CW


  • Finest perforations
  • Unlimited contour freedom
  • Innovative packaging
  • Best suitability for complex processes
  • Highest use flexibility



LANG LASER offers HighPowerScribe provides ideal solution in situation where the conventional punching technology reaches its limits. With HighPowerScribe all thick packaging materials can be cut easily and quickly at a low cost without wear. It has specially developed high-performance deflection system which allows helps in achieving extremely small spot diameters in a work area of up to 1.5 m2.


Features of HighPowerScribe


  • High-power lasers from TRUMPF
  • Wear-free cutting
  • High web speed
  • Smallest spot diameters
  • Maximum contour freedom

Pouch Scribe machines



PouchScribe by LANG LASER provides exact customized solution for pouchmaking machines. For Pouchmaking machines, preferably lasers with a power of 100 watts are used because they run at much lower web speeds. With PouchScribe high-quality laser processing is offered at a low cost.


Laser Beam Sources: Deflection Systems


Deflection Systems from LANG LASER allow the smallest spot diameter, flexible material processing and best quality. According to the requirement, either a standard deflection system or a especially fast high-end system with integrated beryllium-based mirrors and a patented twin-drive for the linear displaceable lens is provided




Laser scanners arranged at two levels in MultiScribe systems with 4 or 6 lasers in order to achieve the best possible setting for different use widths. The entire foil width is covered by laser scanners and can be individually moved in the cross-web direction. In order to achieve double web speed a contour can be made simultaneously by two laser scanners. Laser scanners arranged at two levels offers highest flexibility for a wide application range.

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