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Category : Packaging Machinery

Key Products : Micro & Macro Laser Perforation, Laser Scribing/Scoring

“Micro Laser Technology GmbH (MLT) located in Kirchheim near Munich was founded in 2000. We are well-known in the industry as a qualified & competent system manufacturer for tailormade laser material processing systems. The MLT machines with focus to industrial applications and operations, like Perforation, Scribing/ Scoring and Marking are worldwide in operation.


The tobacco industry as well as the paper, packaging, food and automotive supplier industry appreciate our long experience in business. The outcome of this knowledge and focus are high performance and very reliable micro laser processing machines.


Based on many years of experience, as well as on our innovative and proved technologies, we have a leading role in applications in the above mentioned key industries.”

Laser Perforation machines

Micro & Macro Laser Perforation


Depending on material specification & perforation pattern, either optical multiplexing or scanner technology is used for these applications.


Micro perforated films are essential for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).  This technology enables the possibility to tailor the oxygen transfer rate for different products. The aim is customized permeability through controlled gas exchange of CO2 and O2 for flexible bags or lidding films to enhance product shelf life.


Macro laser perforation is used to create ideal ventilation for vegetable packaging, fast exhausting during the bag filling process, or to regulate the flow behavior of highly viscous liquids in nearly all established packaging materials.

Laser Scoring Machine

Laser Scribing/Scoring


MLT offers systems enabling selective weakening of mono- and multilayer film during the converting process (offline) and on packaging machines (online). For example, Easy Opening features are created by processing materials in machine direction (MD), cross direction (CD) or free-form contour scribing. Selective weakening of materials can be adjusted with a high level of precision ensuring the barrier properties are not damaged during the scribing process.


Many examples of easy opening, shaping or embossing solutions are available in the food/non-food industry. Recent introductions of such solutions include tear strip replacement, microwave openings or customer-specific applications, e.g. embossing for brand awareness.

Laser Scribing Modules

Online Laser Scribing/Scoring Modules


Compact Laser Scribing modules, used in filling and packaging machines, are designed and manufactured according to individual customer-specific requirements.


These online modules ensure tolerance compensation during the packaging process, guarantee the fastest response time to any product or format changes which may occur and also allow the independent selection of film supplier. MLT`s specially developed software allows “On-the-Fly” processing (set-point tracing) of the laser beam. This is requested during winding or pulling phase of the packaging machine while scoring/cutting in cross direction or in free-form.

Laser Marking Systems

Laser Marking


Turn-key Marking Laser Systems from Micro Laser Tech fulfill the most stringent and significant quality standards. Film materials which can be treated include e.g. PP, PET, PE, PA, aluminum, and combinations thereof, as well as materials with a smooth surface.


MLM (Micro Laser Marking) systems can be fitted with various laser sources to superimpose barcodes, company logos, security features or a number-combination on various materials such as metal, paper or plastic.

These Micro Laser Marking Systems generate exact and high-precision markings during all machine sequencing such as „on-the-fly“ or interval cycle.

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