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Established in 1991, Radpak provides the complete packaging systems. Our company focuses majorly on developing complete packaging lines including vertical FF&S Baggers and Dozers, Tray Formers, Cartoners, Case Erectors and End of Line Case Packers.

Radpak always strive to provide TURN KEY Complete Packaging Lines. Radpak offers the highest quality machinery in the automated packaging market.

Since 1991, our company has been engaged in marketing and participating in numerous local and international events.

We have presented our packaging equipment in trade fairs such as:

PACK EXPO – Chicago , PACK EXPO- Las Vegas, IPACK – IMA – Milan, Interpack - Düsseldorf , ProSweets – Cologne, Anuga FoodTec – Cologne.

Vertical Form Fill Seal Baggers

For efficient and sustainable packaging equipment for modern packages such as Stand up pouches, Radpak’s Vertical Form Fill Seal Baggers RM-32ACD will be the perfect choice. We use the latest technical solutions in our vertical form fill seal machines.

Our vertical bagger enables packaging product in the classic closed Stand Up pouch and Stand Up pouch with zipper.


Vertical form fill and seal intermittent Bagger RM-32ACD:


  • Heat-stabile sealing jaws for PP, laminate film
  • Two side belts for film transport
  • 1 forming tube for Stand Up pouches included
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Touch screen 10” equipped with auto-diagnostic with alarms for operator
  • SICK photocell with microprocessor, for fast learning of marker color contrast
  • Encoder which reads film length without print mark
  • Pneumatic equipment FESTO, SMC, 12 [mm] connection
  • Automatic film tracking on the forming tube collar – system equipped with 2 SICK photocells and AC micro-step drive
  • Fast film connecting system during film change
  • SEW AC drives
  • Automatic film unwinding system with stretching bar equipped with analog sensor for constant film tension
  • Full plexi doors with safety switches
  • Ethernet connection
  • Short outtake conveyor under sealing jaws
  • Pneumatic mounting shaft for reel change – easy tools free
  • Outtake conveyor RC-30

Packaging Options of our Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machines:

Our Vffs Bagging Machine is used for a diverse range of packaging options. It is suitable for packaging wide range of products such as:


  • Food loose
  • Fresh products
  • Granulates
  • Sweets
  • PET food
  • Cookies
  • Coated nuts
  • Vegetables

Complete Packaging Lines

Radpak provides the Complete Packaging Lines for rice. We are the leading manufacturer of complete lines. Our complete packaging line rice enables packing the product into bags, then group and move it to Horizontal Cartoner where the product is packed into single unit cases.

Then the single unit cases are grouped and packed into multipacks. This line (packaging equipment) was designed for one of our customers.

Our complete packaging line consists of:

  • 4 x volumetric cup dosers
  • 4 x vertical packaging machines
  • Horizontal cartoner
  • Grouping and cartoning device Case Packer

Linear Weigher Packing Machine

Our linear weigher packing machine helps to weigh products using Vibro pans and load cell weighing system. Depending on the product, set weigh and the speed we may choose a number of weighing rows, bucket size, multi drops.

Specifications of our Linear Multihead Weighers:

Linear Weigher RW-04 with small/medium hoppers:


  • 4 electronic weighing buckets
  • load cell weighing system
  • adjustment of speed vibration
  • user-friendly touch panel
  • product storage hopper
  • weighing range from 20 g to 5 kg (special versions available)
  • speed from 6 to 12 cpm from 1 weighing head

Horizontal End Load Continuous Motion Cartoners

Radpak Horizontal End Load Continuous Motion Cartoner is ideal for medium and large range applications up to +200 CPM. Our horizontal end load cartoner allows loading a diversity of products directly into cartons of various types.

In addition, a wide range of products and which may be packed, high speed of servo drives and reliability of the machine, cause that this type of cartoner will fulfil all customers’ requirements.

We also develop special design automatic devices for collating, collacting, counting, loading for wide range of different applications. Cartoners integrated with any type of upstream packing or processing lines including industrial robots and Radpak manipulators and also integrated down streams with Radpak case packers.


  • Wide Range of Horizontal Motion Continuous cartoners
  • Models available: RKH-06C , RKH-09C, RKH-12C, RKH-14C, RKH-16C
  • High speed rotor for carton feeding with automatic pre-erecting. Cartons closed by glue or tuck.
  • Control by Allen Bradley, Siemens, B&R PLC.
  • Nordson Automatic gluing system for both carton sides
  • Power supply 3-phases 400 VAC, 9 [kW]
  • Air supply 6 [bar], 5 [m3/h]


  • From 40 to 200 cartons per minute, depending on carton size and product

Packaging Options:

Our horizontal continuous motion Cartoners are used for:


  • Food packing
  • Industrial packing
  • Cosmetics packing
  • Pharmacy packing
  • Personal packing

Side Load Case Packer

Side load case packer helps to pack a set number of products and load them into a wrap around tray, tray & hood, tray & lid case. The capacity of the machine ranges 100 products per minute.

The major advantage of the Radpak side load case packer is its modular structure, which enables to synchronise it with end of line devices made by other producers.


  • Magazine for manual flat blank loading – capacity of magazine for 15 minutes working (app. 250 cartons), changing size is made by hand wheel, with Sick indicators – 30 minute changeover time to another format is about 30 minutes
  • Machine prepared for forming Tray & Hood case with option of internal lid
  • Machine for Tray & Hood
  • Index feeder with stations: loading, forming and closing the case
  • Vacuum cups for taking flat blanks from case magazine
  • Two motorized magazines, one for trays, second for hoods
  • Glue applicator Nordson with multi guns + continual feeding of glue granulates
  • PLC Allen Bradley multi servo drives
  • PLC 10” HMI panel Allen Bradley with swing arm
  • Panel with graphics showing all mechanisms, sensors, speed adjustment, E Stops, faults, statistics.
  • Ethernet communication
  • Automatic servo track counting and grouping station, prepared for grouping products in vertical position – servo drive

Packaging Solution:

The system allows packing into cases:


  • Chemical products in pouch type bags, etc
  • Trays with cheese, meats, dumplings, etc
  • Bags with a flat bottom,
  • Doypack bags with elliptical bottom
  • Unit packs and many others.

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