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Coherent and ROFIN have merged on 7th November 2016 and are now one.

As a result of the merger it is possible for us to serve our customers with an even wider range of products and innovations.

Coherent | ROFIN has dedicated itself to becoming one of the leading manufacturers of lasers and laser-based solutions for industrial material processing. Whether it is cutting, welding, marking or surface treatment: more than 5.000 highly qualified employees at over 100 locations worldwide guarantee that we create the laser technology of tomorrow. In specialized groups we focus on specific markets.

One of these markets is the Flexible Packaging industry which is served by our CO2 Systems department. A dedicated application team is developing laser processes for the packaging industry on our own winding system and lab equipment. Customers are welcome to send material for free trials! Coherent | ROFIN has been in the flexible packaging market for more than 10 years and has developed a whole range of laser based systems with many different configurations for all needs of scribing (scoring), perforating and cutting packaging materials.

Industrial Laser Solutions

Lasers for packaging

At the CO2systems group, Coherent | ROFIN lasers are taken and put into flexible packaging dedicated systems for easy opening and perforation applications in web or across web moving directions. Our packaging laser solutions adhere to our promise of consistently providing speed and stability in the laser scribing and perforation process to ensure that our customers know they can rely on us every step of the way.

Coherent | ROFIN is also fully committed to its large application center. This R&D provision allows us to create new ideas and conduct around 40–60 client application trials each month across all demands from the packaging industry.

Laser Coding Machines

Not every laser can be used on every material. One of the big advantages of Coherent | ROFIN is to be able to offer all different lasers for various laser applications. This is a capability, which also brought new developments for the world of flexible packaging. A CO2 laser with a shorter wave length will absorb much faster Poly Propylene based materials and delivers more smoothness and efficiency than common CO2lasers. Lasers tuned to perfection, just one example of developments for the flexible packaging industry among many others to improve manufacturing speeds and stability. This keeps us in a forward-thinking mentality and protects our reputation as an industry leader.

Packaging Pouches

Reputation for excellence

In order to maintain this reputation, Coherent | ROFIN also communicates with its clients to get valuable feedback on its systems, service and applications. We have a long experience of engaging with our clients – we make sure we know how your idea can be turned into a very real product. We guide you through the process, talk to you and ensure the final outcome meets, and often exceeds, the expectations.

Flexible Packaging Pouches

Within the Star Pack family, Coherent | ROFIN offers a broad range of systems to add value such as perforating for oxygen exchange and scribing for easy opening to modern packaging designs. With more than 200 customers in the packaging industry already, Coherent | ROFIN is expecting this to increase as we get to the goal to be the first choice laser system across this market sector.

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