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Scaglia Indeva belongs to Scaglia Group established in 1838 by Scaglia family. The group now encompasses four Companies still in the ownership of Scaglia family; their core businesses cover a wide range of business interests worldwide. At the end of 1970 Liftronic was born. A revolutionary material handling system that allows loads of up to 320 kg to be lifted and moved completely effortlessly. Scaglia SpA was the first Company to be awarded with the UNI EN ISO 9001:1994 Quality System Certification (today ISO 9001.2008) for the design, production and sale of material handling systems. In 2004, Scaglia Spa split and the former Material Handling Division became Scaglia INDEVA SpA.


Scaglia Indeva is a world class leader in the design and manufacturing of state of the art industrial manipulators, material handling systems and lean manufacturing solutions. The manipulators by INDEVA are the ideal solution for handling reels, cases, drums, bottles, etc.. in a quick, ergonomic and safe way. They are used, for example, to load reels unto shrinkwrapping machines, or to unload cardboard cases from the palletizer. They are present worldwide with a network of branches, distributors and agents. Their headquarters and production unit, which cover an area of 15,000 square meters with about 120 employees, is in Italy at Brembilla, at about fifty kilometers from Milan.

Liftronic manipulator

Indeva Intelligent Device for Handling model Liftronic manipulator

Industrial manipulator with electronic control and electric power better referred to as Indeva (Intelligent device for handling). Among its various cutting edge technology features, what makes it really unique is the auto weight sense and auto balancing feature. The Indeva reacts in real time and moves in the required direction with the application of very few grams of force; thanks to its sensibility that allows no space for inertia forces, it is possible to position even the most delicate product in a gentle, precise, yet quick way. An Indeva can be overhead rail or column or ceiling mounted, and can be equipped with a wide range of gripping tools: with magnet, by vacuum, or mechanical /pneumatic/electric/ clutch, with rotation, if needed.

Pneumatic manipulator

Pneumatic manipulator series PN

Pneumatic manipulator PN series can be designed according to the ATEX regulations regarding applications in controlled environments with danger of explosion, classified classes 1 and 2 (Gas). They feature pneumatic control and drive. They can be rail or column or ceiling mounted and equipped with custom designed gripping tools or end effectors for handling unbalanced loads such as large size reels, pallets and containers.

Manipulators with gripping tool

Indeva load gripping tools or end effectors

All Indeva lift assist units increase productivity, safety and ergonomics, allow superior control and effortless handling of heavy loads, are user friendly, allow for precise and delicate load placement. They can be:

  • Column mounted
  • Column mounted fixed to a mobile base
  • Overhead ceiling mounted
  • Overhead, under-hung, crane bridge mounted
  • Fixed to your wall

The gripping tooling may feature:

  • Powered or manual load gripping devices
  • Vacuum lifting system
  • Magnetic grip
  • Expanding mandrel
  • Multiple combinations
  • Multiple axis manipulation system
  • Designed for reach in, under and around obstacles

Automated guided vehicles


AGV automated guided vehicle for carrying materials and components along the assembly line; the INDEVA AGV is the ideal solution for material move in a production line; it features modular pipe and joints structure (Indeva Lean System), thus can easily be designed and then modified to suit custom requirements and different loads.

KIT Boxes

INDEVA can provide complete custom made kit boxes from prototype development to 3d simulation and serial production. We are able to supply finished products from 1 unit to large quantities, from simple to specialized, large and complex kit boxes for all types of manufacturing requirements.

Implementing manufacturing principles is the major key to business success.

KIT Trolleys

KIT Trolleys for ergonomics, flexibility and efficency.

In a big Company ergonomics, flexibility and efficency are high priority aspects to be considered. The customer asked to INDEVA to design Kit trolleys for the warehouse zone to make the picking of KITS more efficent and to reduce the number of production stations at the same time. Trolleys were first designed virtually in 3D then we have produced a prototype and made a test. Customer gains time on the assembly line, production space and personnel’s health. They have increased their productivity by 30%. Thanks to INDEVAs custom made kit trolleys.

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