Company : Scaglia Indeva S.P.A.

Category : Packaging Machinery

Key Products : Indeva Intelligent Device for Handling model Liftronic, Industrial Manipulator

INDUSTRIAL MANIPULATORS- Intelligent Devices for Handling (INDEVA). Series Liftronic, Liftronic Easy and Liftronic Air.

The INDEVA are intelligent manipulators, an evolution of the traditional pneumatic manipulators


Their force is electric for the Liftronic and Liftronic Easy Series and pneumatic for the Liftronic Air Series. These three Series have intelligent control, by means of electronic technology; this means that the reaction to the operators intention (whether to move upwards or downwards the load) is automatic and immediate, with no time lapse as it is with pneumatic manipulators; the INDEVA allow for a very precise and effortless load positioning, thanks to the absence of inertia forces, which are typical, instead, of the pneumatic manipulators. They are auto-balancing, that is they detect continually the weight of the load gripped and counter balance it immediately so that for the operator any load from 10 to 100 kg is always weightless, if a case has to be emptied or filled the tooling with the load will always remain still with no need for the operator to apply any strength for keeping it in place.