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Sigitaspak Asia is a young and ambitious company produces machines for food and other industries considering the needs of each customer. We offer food packaging machines, automatic bagging machines, vertical and horizontal packaging machines, special packaging machines, dosage devices etc. Each machine is designed and adapted taking into account the characteristics of the product, whether fresh or dry to sensitive products such as covers of chocolate, sugar or products particularly sensitive or sticky. Our machines, all electronic, have the common characteristic of being simple in their use and are equipped with technical solutions to solve the problems of cleanliness and ergonomics.


Sigitaspak's main objective is to fully satisfy customer needs, to be competitive in selling prices and mediating the better the customer's needs in relation to the economic availability of the same. The company is apparently a new reality in the world of packaging in flow pack and automatic packaging systems. We are the official distributor of 3 packaging equipment brands for Asia.



Set in the hub of Middle East – Dubai, we are happy to offer our services as swift as possible to our clients. The excellent European quality of our machinery, knowledgeable approach to clients’ requests and considerate after-sales assistance are our top qualities. Two of our manufactories are based in Italy: Sigitaspak and MC Automazioni, one is in Russia – Tauras-Fenix. The companies we represent have over 20 years of experience, skillful employees who can able to provide a solution to every problem and to make sure the machines fulfill their expectations when the operation starts.

Customized Packaging Machine

This customized packaging machine is an interesting solution for those, who seek deluxe packaging – a square bottom bag wrapped with a cardboard strap, glued on top or attached with metal rivets.


Customized packaging machine is made out of four sets: The first one is the packaging machine itself – an asynchronous Ecospeedy, manufactured a bit smaller than the one sold separately to meet the space requirements. Here a square bottom bag is made and filled with the product. The second set picks the cardboard straps up and forms them above the catenary, which is driven by a brushless motor. This way the bags are moved to the third set of the machine – the pneumatic groups, where cardboard is bent according to the package size. The last set is a rivet-inserting device, driven by step motors. All parts are coordinated with integrated onboard electronics. This piece of machinery can easily make your product stand out with unlimited customization of the package.

Vertical Packaging Machines

Our vertical packaging machines are operating in various industries. Vertical packaging machine SCREAM is a mechanical feat able to reach up to 300 cycles per minute. Specifically designed to operate under high speed production, the horizontal sealing jaws of the machine are continuously moving up and down. SCREAM is a perfect choice for the most demanding customers, providing such advantages as reduced packaging costs due to high production capacity and an ability to operate in confined spaces because of its small dimensions. Vertical packaging machines can make various package types - pillow, gusset or flat bottom bags without losing its impressive speed.

Horizontal Packaging Machines

Our horizontal packaging machines can cover a working speed range from 25 to 400 bpm, with the proper automatic feeding systems. The bags can be shaped in pillow, square bottom or with euroslot.


Among horizontal packaging machines, SR 500 is an ideal solution for completely automatic packaging lines. Manufactured in stainless steel and aluminum, it has cantilevered groups, which are easy to replace and sanitize, plus an independent motorization. The special phase conveyor configuration allows align, phase and pack piece products such as biscuits, chocolate bars, etc. reaching speed of up to 400 bags per minute. The phasing system is a delicate composition of four modules, ten axes, of which seven are brushless, granting the perfect detection and successful positioning of the product into a flow pack machine. The software for managing of this piece of machinery is specially designed to ease the operation by minimizing required intervention of personnel during the production cycles. If need be, the system can also be managed and controlled remotely.

Liquid & Paste Filling Machine

Pastpack 2R, an automatic liquid and paste filling rotary machine with two rotary tables is designed for dose filling of liquid and paste products, containing soft, easily deformable additives of up to 10mm. The product is packed into plastic cups with further sealing of aluminum varnished foil and capping, provided capacity is up to 80 cups per minute. Two rotary tables double the performance and also allow simultaneous filling of either one product into containers of different volume or simultaneous filling of two different products. The stainless steel structure can be designed in two versions based on the layout of the available operating space for the liquid and paste filling machine.

Filling & Packaging Complex

This filling and packaging complex is designed for secondary packaging of various different products, both liquid and loose, into cardboard boxes, also known as the American case, with tape sealing. The complex includes box forming out of the cardboard sheets machines, product placement machines and tape sealing machines, as well as a well-adjusted system of conveyors. All the processes within the complex are carried out in a fully automatic mode. The weight of the products to be packaged can vary from 0,1kg to 5kg, all box sizes are re-adjusted according to the exact dimensions of the product to achieve the highest efficiency and there is also an option to rotate each product 90 or 180 degrees if needed to provide smart packaging. The layout of the filling and packaging complex is also designed to be as compact and fitting the operating space available as possible.

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