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Key Products : Dosing and counting systems, Multihead weigher SMC A 14 T

Smc is a Company specialized in the production and in the sale of automatic vertical and horizontal packaging machines .The developed experience makes Smc able to supply complete packaging and filling lines.


The team of technicians concentrates its efforts in the research of new advanced solutions and in the design of new models able to satisfy market's latest requests. Thanks to its experience in the packaging field, smc has obtained a great success both in the Italian and foreign markets.


Smc clientele ranges from Bongrain, Nestlè, Jan Becher, Kemon, Dermofarma, Star Dust, Ref,, Ardes, Edfina, Montana, Tolo Foods, Soenens, Limova, Flandria Foods, Fruties, Guseppe, Bielenda Kosmetyki Naturalne, Russkaya Trapeza and many others.


Dosing & Counting Systems

Dosing and counting systems:


SMC offers the possibility to choose among several kinds of dosing and counting systems - like linear electronic weighers with four of six vibrated channels, belt linear weighers, multi-head weighers, pieces counter, auger dosers, volumetric cup dosers or pneumatic dosers for liquids and creams. In order to grant the maximum level of personalisation of the lines, according to the production specifications required by the customer.



Multihead weigher SMC A 14 T


10/14-heads electronic weigher, completely AISI 304 stainless steel made, very suitable for high speed dosing up to 80 per minute of fresh or frozen products, in pieces or having unhomogeneous granulometry.


The weigher is able to calculate and combinate through the logic of random additions the dosings of the 10/14 baskets, choosing among the possible combinations the best one in order to obtain the preset total dosing value.


The work is ensured by step-by-step motors. The loading cells are German made.

Vertical fill & sealing machine

Vertical packaging machine mod. S3


Vertical electropneumatic form fill and seal 3 sides sealing packaging machine, able to create pillow-bag style or gusseted bottom style bags. By means of the suitable dosification system, this packaging machine is able to pack several kinds of products into bags weighing by 0,1 to 10 kg.



Main features:


  • production speed: up to 90 bags/minute;
  • production speed up to 75 bags/minute; with square bottom:
  • bag dims.: max. 310 x 550 mm flat bag;
  • reel diameter: max 700 mm;
  • reel width: max 740 mm (650 mm used);
  •  machine dims.: 1100 x 1800 x 1700 mm;
  • air consumption: 14 Nl/cycle at 6 - 8 atm;
  • electrical supply: 5 Kw - 380 V 50 Hz tri-phase + N + T;
  • weight: 1300 Kg.


The S-3 can be equipped on demand with further accessories for loading the product, for the operability in modified atmosphere, for creating square - bottomed bags - on demand with off - centre sealing, square - bottomed bags with vertical edges sealing, for applying clip for re-closing the bag, for printing or labeling the bag.

Vertical sealing machine

Vertical packaging machines model Dynamic 3 LS


Vertical mechanic form fill and seal 3 sides sealing packaging machine mod. DYNAMIC 3 LS, able to create 3 sides sealed pillow-style bags. Sturdy and silent, it is particularly suitable for packing alimentary products with modified atmosphere (by adding gas into the bags).


Main features:


  • Max. production speed: mechanical up to 110 bags per min.
  • Max. bag dimensions: 320 x 360 mm (flat bag)
  • Max. reel width: 700 mm
  • Machine dims.: 1000 (W) x 1600 x 1800 (H)
  • Air consumption: about 10 NI/cycle at 4-6 atm
  • Electric supply: 2 Kw-380 V 50 Hz three-phases+N+G
  • Weight: 500 Kg

Dynamic sticks 2

Vertical packaging machine mod. DYNAMIC STICK 2


Vertical automatic form fill and seal packaging machine for producing sticks, operating on two (or more) lanes.


It is particularly suitable for packaging powdered, granulated, liquid, creamy and pasty products, even with modified atmosphere (by adding gas into the stick).


This packaging machine is able to work with any kind of thermo-sealing material, such as polypropylene, cellophane, simple (paper + polyetylene) and complex laminates (paper + polyetylene + aluminium, ecc).


Main features:


  • Production speed: mechanical max. 110 (for 2 lane up to 220 sticks per min.;
  • Max. stick dim.: max. 70 x 300 mm. (for 2 lane);
  • Max. reel width: max. 500 mm;
  • Multiple lanes versions: according to the sticks with: available up to 10 lane;
  • Machine dims.: 1000 x 1600 x 1800 (h)
  • Air consumption: 10 Nl/ciclo a 4-6 atm;
  • Electric supply: 2 Kw­380 V50Hz trifase +N+T;
  • Weight: 500 Kg.

SMT 300 liquid version

Vertical packaging machines mod. SMT 300 liquid version

Automatic electronic continuous motion packaging machine able to produce four sides sealed sachets. The machine is constructed on a sturdy Aisi 304 stainless steel frame; the parts in contact with the product are made of the same material. All the movement of the machines is effected by means of three brushless engines.


Main Features:


  • Mechanical speed: up to 200 cycles/min. (up to 10 production lanes);
  • Bag dims. : Width max 300 mm; length max. 200 mm;
  • Reel diameter: max. 600 mm;
  • Product dosing: from 0,5 cc. up to 250 cc.;
  • Voltage :380/220 V 50/60 Hz. tri-phase + N;
  • Installed power : 4 Kw;
  • Electric absorption : 3 Kw;
  • Air consumption: 60 Nl/cycle at 6 Atm.;
  • Net weight: cc. 600 Kg;
  • Dimensions: 1765 x 1800 x 2300 (H) mm.

Packaging machine for pods

Packaging machine for pods in filter paper:

DTC 550 is a machine at intermittent motion able to work at high speeds, upto 550 per minute, for wrapping double-twist hard candies which are feeded at random on a orientator rotating feeding disc with a diameter of 770 mm.


The machine is equipped with a double reel holder for performing a double wrapping, internal and external, of the candies, if needed.


Main Features


  • packaging machine for pods in filter paper mod. CL123
  • matriculation number PR032/93
  • double lane, complete with system for recovery of coffee of pods non-conforming
  • pods mould format d.38 and d.44
  • a pallet with filter paper and various spare parts of machine.
  • year of construction 1993
  • the machine has been completely overhauled both from the electric point that pneumatic, repain.
  • speed of the machine double lane cc. 45 pods of lane.

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