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The SMI Group is today one of the world’s largest producers of bottling plants and packaging machines and is composed of the parent company SMIGROUP, the subsidiary companies SMI (the first and largest business in the Group), SMIPACK, SMIMEC, SMITEC, SMILAB, SMIENERGIA, SARCO.RE and of a network of branches, providing sales and after sales support to SMI and SMIPACK clients.

The SMI Group’s companies employ a quality, environment and safety management system that is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 certified and is compliant with the BS OHSAS 18001:2007 international standard.

SMI innovations meet the beverage and “liquid food” industry

SMI is a worldwide renowned provider of PET-bottling systems for liquid products, committed to providing the most innovative and sustainable solutions either as single machines and complete lines.

The newly designed bottling and packaging machines are the outcome of many years of advanced research in SMI's R&D labs and stand out for low power consumption, high performances and a quality/price ratio among the best in the market.


Stretch Blow Molding Machine

Stretch-blow moulding solutions: a flexible approach to the customer’s needs.

Regardless of whether the beverages are carbonated or still liquids, whether the bottles are simple or most sophisticated design, SMI meets any individual requirements and ensures high performances in the stretch-blow moulding of PET, PEN and PP bottles.

EBS ERGON blow-moulders: the latest innovation by SMI for the production of PET containers up to 33,600 bph

The new EBS (Electronic Blowing System) ERGON series is the outcome of a 2-year intensive R&D project thanks to which SMI has introduced innovative concepts, summed up in the new ERGON brand, for both the design and production of SMI's rotary stretch-blow moulders. The first EBS ERGON was rolled out last October to SMI sales network on the occasion of the opening of the new showroom at SMI headquarters located in San Giovanni Bianco (Bergamo).

SMI stretch-blow moulders are available both stand-alone (EBS series) and integrated into complete stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping systems (ECOBLOC® ERGON series).

The EBS ERGON series of stand alone stretch-blow moulders includes:

  • 7 “standard” models, from 4 to 16 cavities, capable of producing  bottles from 0.10 to 3 litres, with a maximum output of 2,100 bph/cavity; (*)
  • 3 “HC – High Capacity” models, from 3 to 6 cavities, specifically designed for the production of high-capacity containers (from 3.5 to 10 litres) with a maximum output of 1,200 bph/cavity;

* Depending on the machine model and the container type and size.

Top-notch reliability and efficiency. Why to choose SMI EBS stretch-blow moulder.

  • The new EBS ERGON blow-moulder is more robust, more compact, more flexible, more efficient if compared to the previous range thanks to a series of cutting-edge technical innovations:
  • compact, ergonomic and functional frame, capable to considerably simplify its running, cleaning and maintenance operations and to ensure significant space saving in the bottling line
  • New preform heating module, characterized by compact dimensions, horizontal frame of the preform-holding mandrel chains (37 mm pitch for the production of bottles up to 3 L) and an optimized ventilation system. The new heating module is equipped with heat-reflecting, high energy efficiency panels made of composite materials positioned both on the front and to the rear of the heat lamps in charge of preforms heating. It ensures a high reflection of the heat generated by the lamps and its more uniform distribution on the preforms surface.
  • Blow-moulding module equipped with motorized stretching rods whose functioning is controlled by electronic drives with no need of mechanical cams. This new technology enables a precise descent of the stretching rod, an accurate control of its position, remarkable energy savings along with a reduced stress generated by the vibrations of mechanical components. Moreover, this new technology enables to adjust the stretch-blowing speed without mechanical interventions (cams replacement)
  • High performance, low dead volume valves system which has reduced the pre-blowing and blowing times with the subsequent great advantage in terms of machine's efficiency and quality of the final bottles
  • Automation and control by Motornet System®, which ensures the constant keeping of optimal working parameters during the whole production cycle and directly adjusts the machine's settings, simplifying format changeovers


ECOBLOC® ERGON filling & capping

The ECOBLOC® ERGON series of integrated systems of blowing-filling-capping includes:

  • ECOBLOC® ERGON VMAG/VMAS models, ideal for manufacturing, filling and capping rigid containers up to 3 liters for still liquids;
  • ECOBLOC® ERGON LG-VMAG / LG-EP models, ideal for manufacturing, filling and capping  rigid containers up to 3 liters for sparkling liquids;
  • ECOBLOC® ERGON “HC – High Capacity” models, ideal for manufacturing, filling and capping rigid high-capacity containers (up to 10 liters) for still liquids.

The advantages of the ECOBLOC® ERGON integrated solutions.

The ECOBLOC® ERGON series offers the end user countless economic benefits such as:

  • Modular and compact design, which combines in a single block the stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping modules, with no need for  connecting belts between blow moulder and filler;
  • Low consumption of water and energy, thus allowing low running and maintenance costs and safeguarding the environment;
  • Excellent accessibility and easy maintenance operations, thanks to the “baseless” technology of the filling module; in fact, motors and motion transmissions are placed in the upper part of the machine in a fully dry leak-tight area and the area underneath the containers to be filled is completely clear, ensuring easy access to operators;
  • Automation and control system allowing the management of the system by only one line operator through a simple and user-friendly man-machine interface;
  • Capping module: top-notch precision and functionality; the capping machine is equipped with a servo-driven control to ensure maximum precision while applying caps;
  • Cap hopper feeding placed outside the machine at a height easily accessible by the machine operator;
  • Electronic filling system: no contact between the bottle and the filling valve (in case of still products).


secondary packaging machines

SMI designs and manufactures a wide range of fully automatic machines for the secondary packaging of rigid containers such as plastic and glass bottles, jars, cans, cardboard cartons and many others.

The Smiflexi models allow you to package in multiple pack formats using the following materials:

  • Shrink film with or without corrugated cardboard pad/tray, with production speeds up to 450 packs per minute (working in three lanes);
  • Corrugated cardboard wrap-around boxes or trays with or without film, standard and extra-large sizes, with octagonal or rectangular bases and edges of the same height or different heights, with production speeds up to 80 packs per minute;
  • Cardboard sleeves, “OTT” or “NT” versions (bottle neck inside or outside the packaging), with production speeds up to 300 packs per minute.

All Smiflexi automatic packers are equipped with the MotorNet System®, latest generation automation and control system that allows flexible, quick and precise operations thanks to fiber optic wiring and Ethernet and drives with independent axes.

Thanks to MotorNet System®, the machine operator can easily handle all the phases of the packaging process and rapidly switch from one pack format to another according to production requirements.

Format change is simple and fast as it only involves the editing of the machine’s working parameters via the operator panel (POSYC) and, only in some cases, the replacement of a few mechanical parts.

SMI's new ERGON series of SK shrinkwrappers

This new series of machines is based on advanced technical concepts applied to both the design and the manufacturing, which allow to further increase the machines' flexibility and considerably facilitate their management and maintenance operations.

The SK series renovates!

The innovations introduced by SMI on the new ERGON series of SK shrinkwrappers  concern each functional section of the machine, with a special consideration for maintenance cost reduction and energy saving.

The new packers of the SK ERGON series stand out for the innovative rounded line of safety guards and for the new grigio Orobie (gray) color.

The rounded shape ensures more room inside the machine, which allows the installation of motors (featuring low energy consumption) on the outside, for an easier access in case of maintenance interventions by the line operator.

Moreover, the safety doors' closing system is equipped with a hydraulic damper, which slows down the closing stage and ensures highest safety standards, since in the final step the door is accompanied smoothly avoiding abrupt slamming.

A new design marked by ergonomics

The ergonomic and functional structure of the frame of the new SK ERGON packers allows the operator to easily carry out all the activities related to the use and maintenance of the system, in full compliance with highest safety standards.

There is no contact between the moving components and the packaged product because the threaded shafts, on which the guide and chain adjusters slide, are housed  in a safe environment that protects them from dirt and dust.

Furthermore, SMI shrinkwrappers do not use geared motors as they are driven by brushless motors (controlled by digital servo-drives), which are connected directly to the drive shafts, with the consequent advantage of reducing energy consumption, noise levels and maintenance.

New heat-shrinking tunnel

The technological innovation applied to the new SK ERGON has also affected the fundamental element of a shrinkwrapper: the heat-shrinking tunnel.

SMI heat-shrinking tunnels boast cutting-edge technical solutions that allow reducing energy consumption and ensure the utmost environmental compatibility of the processes.

Thanks to the precise analysis of thermodynamic phenomena generated by the shrink process, SMI tunnel distributes hot air flows in an efficient and homogeneous way on the pack, thus ensuring its excellent quality at the end of the process.

Special fans, positioned in the tunnel at regular intervals, fix the pack's shape and stiffness. At the outfeed, an optional belt joins the tunnel up with conveyor belts; the junction is ventilated to ensure the right thermal transition of the pack.

The ergonomic frame of the shrink tunnel lets the operator work easily during maintenance and cleaning operations.

A special meter placed externally ensures an immediate and detailed online monitoring of energy consumption, also available on the machine control panel.

The distribution board of the tunnel features a double forced ventilation system.


Automatic palletising systems

Tertiary Pacakging

SMI palletising systems set a new standard in the industry of two-Cartesian-axis fixed-column robotic palletisers. APS series is the outcome of an intense activity of research and innovation, which allowed producing technologically advanced systems capable of providing each user with the fittest packaging solutions according to his specific needs. SMI palletising systems enable to streamline the end-of-line operations of countless industrial sectors: beverages, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, detergents, glass, paper and many more. SMI palletisers meet production needs from 35 to 100 packs/minute (according to the size of the product handled and to the palletisation scheme selected) and are available in 8 different configurations, both in "stand-alone" version and integrated with a SMI packer to form a Packbloc system.

Scara technology

3 in 1” compact palletization solution

SMI's APS ERGON systems are “3 in 1” plants that integrate, inside the central column's structure, the palletizing, empty pallets feeding and interlayer insertion steps, i.e. the three operations usually performed by separate machines inside their own dedicated space.

Faster operations thanks to SCARA technology

The integration of these three functions in the central column is made possible by a series of technical innovations devised by SMI designers.

Specifically, the horizontal beam on which the layers loading head runs was fitted with a telescopic guides system that allows the beam to move faster on its transverse axis.

In this way, the side of the column that remains clear when the packages are inserted into the loading head is exploited by the system to house the SCARA mechanical unit that manages the flow of pallets and the insertion of the interlayers. This unit essentially consists of an articulated horizontal arm the far end of which is fitted with a gripper for grasping the pallets and a suction cups unit for handling the cardboard interlayers; the arm moves both vertically, sliding on the central column to pick up and release the pallets and interlayers, and horizontally, to transfer the pallets and interlayers from their magazines to the palletizing pallet.

High efficiency and reduced maintenance

These operations are handled by the machine's automation and control system in perfect synch with the operations performed by the layer-loading head, so that the vertical and horizontal movements of the various mechanical units moving on the central column can follow precise and coordinated trajectories that prevent any contact or interference between them.

SMI's APS automatic palletizing system features all the advantages of cartesian axes technology but with reduced machine overall dimensions compared to traditional solutions.

Line Logistic Systems

Line logistics systems are the customized solutions offered by SMI for a quick and trouble-free transfer of empty PET containers of any shape and size from the blow-molder to the filler and innovative systems for the transport of loose containers, bottles or cans and for clustered products, bundles and cardboard cases.

SMI designs and manufactures modular systems of line logistics. SMI has been manufacturing and installing packaging machinery for nearly 30 years; thus it has acquired an extensive expertise that enables its products to fully satisfy the customer's many different needs.

Bottle Packaging Machines

SMI is also engaged in the study, design and installation of complete bottling and packaging lines for beverage and liquid food manufacturing up to 36,000 bottles/hour.

All the “line engineering” solutions offered by SMI include a preliminary study of the project during which the dynamics of accumulation, distribution and movement are accurately analysed so as to guarantee a smooth and constant production and the best operational flexibility of the machines installed.

The use of a state-of-the-art automation and control systems enables to keep high levels of efficiency during the whole production cycle.

The design of SMI turnkey solutions follows the most sophisticated and modern criteria in terms of reduction of overall machines' sizes, integration of several functions in units or multi-tasking blocks, ease of use, energy saving and low operating and maintenance costs.

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