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Key Products : Automated packaging solutions for both domestic and international markets

TMG Impianti Spa was established in 1976, has been associated in supplying wide range of automated packaging solutions for both domestic and international markets suitable for different sectors ranging from wine, food, beverage, chemical and retail bags.

Today, TMG Impianti has become an international benchmark for those who seek customized solutions for case packing, palletizing and material handling.

TMG Impianti has its own in-house laboratory which is entirely dedicated to experimenting with and designing new machines for the packaging industry.

Expertise of almost 40 years of experience and our thorough knowledge of production techniques, TMG Impianti is able to offer its clients customized solutions, researching, designing and producing machinery and accessories exceptional for both their quality and price.

TMG Impianti sales offices or agents are present the world over and boast some of the most important names on the domestic and international stage:  Procter&Gamble, Unilever, Henkel, Coca-Cola, San Benedetto, Nestlé, ZeddaPiras, Campari, Illy, DANONE.

Sweep Depalletiser

Vega 120B: Sweep Depalletiser


Compact depallatiser for the complete layers of product composed in product support walls, mechanical system for vertical movement of the pallet and pusher bar for evacuation of layer on the out-feed table.


Ideal for unstable products due to support walls and the progressive movement of various devices.


Offers high output in compact footprint with excellence balance between floor space and production rate due to straight forward design of the structure and the fact that the out-feed height of the layers is based upon the maximum height of the pallets that the machine needs to work with.


The machine is designed to automate all operations, so that the pallet in-feed, empty pallet out-feed and layer-card removal can be completely optimized.


Technical Data:


Mechanical speed cycles: up to 3/min


Usage: Ideal for Food, Water, Liquors, Chemical & Oil Packaging.

Carton Packing Machine

Pack 16: Carton Packing Systems


Automatic carton packer with 2 movimentation axles, conform to receive and organize in a suitable way the boxes coming from the filling section, pick them up according to a proper quantity and insert them into the cartons or cases. Manufactured for working with a wide range of products in small areas.


Pack 16 stands out in technological innovation, reliability and automation. This is due to the Brushless use regarding the main pick up union movimentations and a simple and optimized devices movimentation.


Brushless motors use on the two pick up head movimentation axles, it is easy to manage multilayers and multirows formats into the carton, allowing in this way many and free applications.


Technical Data:


Mechanical Speed Cycles: 16/min

Speed Layers: up to 900/hr

Usage: Ideal for Food, Water, Liquors, Chemical & Oil Packaging.

Monoblock Cartoning Station

Combi 15: Monoblock Cartoning Station


Cartoning station of new generation, with integrated erecting, packing and sealing sections for RSC cartons. Compact footprint designed to work with different types of products.


Output and efficiency are guaranteed by the rational integration of the different working sections. 


The high reliability of the monoblock is guaranteed by a simple movement system optimized with the employment of reliable components and Brushless motors for the main movements.


The carton forming is realized during the carton out-feed from the magazine and shaped guides are used.The carton erection is carried out by a mobile arm equipped with suction cups. This system allows a quick and safe opening also of very difficult cartons.


Technical Data:


Mechanical Speeds: up to 900/hr

Usage: Ideal for Food, Water, Liquors, Chemical & Oil Packaging.

Low-level Automatic Palletiser

Sirio 2S: Low-level automatic palletiser


Low-level automatic palletiser with the pallet in a stationery position for medium production needs. Ideal for cartons, crates, jerry cans and shrink packed products. The products on in-feed are distanced one from the other, orientated, grouped into layers and placed on the pallet in a pre-determined program.


Versatile and robust machine which can be supplied with one or more product in-feeds, high or low level in-feed, in addition to being able to be adapted for non standard pallets from 800x600 to 1100x1350 mm.


The transfer of the layer from the layer preparation table to the pallet is carried out by a trolley with a centrally opening table for alignment of the product length-ways, which ensures optimal palletizing of the layer when there is a space in the middle of the layer pattern, as the layer border is kept aligned.


Technical Data:


Mechanical Speed Cycles: 3/min

Speed Layers: up to 240/hr

Usage: Ideal for Food, Water, Liquors, Chemical & Oil Packaging.

Depalletizing Robotic cell



A robot optimized for high-speed point-to-point movements, designed to be flexible to the various production procedures involved in de-palletising/palletising and unpacking/packing. It has four electronic movement axis with integrated controller, a long working arm with a wide operating field and short cycle times for high performance.


Programming makes it easy to use by hand-held key-pad, which has an operating guide similar to that of a Windows environment; this allows total control of the movements allowing rapid changes to be made when new production requirements are needed.


It has a high load capacity up to 450 kg allows individual or entire layers of product to be moved.


Technical Data:


Mechanical Speed Cycles: 12/min

Axis: 4

Speed Cycles: up to 1500/hr.

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