Company : Webster Griffin Ltd.

Category : Packaging Machinery

Key Products : Bulk bag filling, bagging lines, Form Fill Seal packing machine

Webster Griffin engineer total bag filling solutions. They manufacture bag filling machines and provide complete sack packing and palletising installations.


Their heavy duty equipment is designed and built to operate around the clock whether it is packing food ingredients, fertilizer, minerals, chemicals or plastics.


All machines and systems are tailored to suit the customer's specific needs, and their 35 years of experience ensures that your product will be "packed with know how"


Bag Packing technology from Webster Griffin


  • Bulk bag filling
  • Bagging lines
  • Form Fill Seal packing machines
  • Palletising & pallet wrapping
  • Control systems
  • Turnkey installations

Bulk Bag Filling Line

Bulk Bag Filling Machine, IBC-PF4 is a versatile high speed system developed by Webster Griffin to pack all types and weights of bags from 500 to 1500kg. The priority was to develop a cost effective machine, enabling one unskilled operator to fill 45 bags per hour - assisted by a forklift truck driver - who removes full bags and replenishes the empty bag stock. Weight accuracy and clean operation are not sacrificed for the sake of speed, hence the IBC-PF4 is able to pack powders as well as granular materials.


The IBC-PF4 is a modular concept with standard accessories, therefore spare parts are available 'ex stock' and after sales service is provided by the customer service department and global technical partners. The machine is available in special versions to suit the properties of the material being packed, such as corrosive fertilizers, abrasive minerals or explosive powders - which necessitate an ATEX certified unit.


To ensure the full bags have a perfect shape - the empty bags are suspended from their loop(s) during the automatic 'weigh-fill' cycle. Full bags have a neat, square shape and stand up straight after filling if necessary vibration is applied to consolidate fine powders into the bag.

Bulk bag packing lines

Filling fine powders such as PTA, titanium dioxide, skimmed milk powder is not a problem for the IBC-PF4 because systematically, applied vibration combined with the suspended filling technique produces a solidly packed bulk bag which can be removed from the filling station or bag handling conveyors.


The IBC-PF4 Big Bag Filling Machine comes with some other clever features - such as its ability to check bag dimensions and then 'self adjust' for variations in bag size from 1.2 m to 2.0 m high; it is also available with a built in check weigher to prevent you 'giving away' your product.


Webster Griffin's reputation for supplying big bag filling systems has been earned in over 250 installations worldwide, they have experience of packing plastic chips, abrasive minerals, powdered chemicals and prilled fertilizer into Jumbo Bags, Super Sacks and FIBC's. Please ask for a copy of their detailed reference list.

Turnkey Bagging lines

Turnkey Bagging Installations for Small Bags & Sacks


Turnkey Bagging lines Installations for Small Bags & Sacks by Webster Griffin provides 'the complete package' - from concept design to commissioning in your factory.


Webster Griffin's skill and experience brings the individual elements together to work as one co-ordinate production unit.

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