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Finn-Korkki is a world leader in ring pull caps with over 35 year’s experience. RingCrown and RipCap closures help our customers create, market and sustain their beverage brands. Ring pull bottle caps are used on glass, plastic and aluminium bottles. And are suitable for a wide range of carbonated, still, pasteurised and sterilised beverages. Most types of beverage can be sealed with our ring pull bottle caps including beer, cider, wine, water, spirits, energy drinks, juice drinks, CSD, functional drinks, tea & coffee drinks and dairy drinks.

RingCrown bottle caps, RipCap bottle closures and ring pull cap sealing machines are Finn-Korkki's main products. In addition Finn-Korkki produces crown cork caps and specialise in the manufacture of luxury aluminium closures, such as the Absolut Vodka bottle cap.

RingCrown Sealing Heads

To produce a new product with ring crown bottle cap, it requires only a minor technical amendment of a crown fork capping machine. It takes up to 2 days to make the preliminary modifications of an existing crown capping turret. A ring crown cap takes 15 to 60 minutes to outline from the crown cork bottle cap. It depends on the crown cork machine.

We have been designing, manufacturing ring crown cap equipment since 1979. We also supply a supervised installation and operator training for our customers when they need training to install ring crown cap equipment. On the other hand, a conversion includes a modification to the crown cap sealing head system, a ring crown cap applier, the the bottle cap chute and a sorting hopper to adjust the ring crown cap.

Our ring crown cap equipment uses RingCrown Technology that facilitates the same closing machine to use both crown corks and ring crown bottle caps. RingCrown Technology equipment operates up to 60,000bph akin to a crown cork system.

RingCrown Technology conversion kits include:

  • A sorting hopper - to adjust the cap
  • The cap chute - to shift the cap to the cap applier
  • A cap applier - to locate the cap on the bottle
  • RingCrown sealing heads - to fold and seal the cap to a bottle


RingCrown Bottle Caps

Finn-Korkki is the only global solutions provider that both manufactures ring pull cap sealing machines and a range of ring pull caps. These two core skills combine to give our customers access to unrivalled knowledge of ring pull closures and ring pull cap sealing machines.


Benefiting from decades of continuous development RingCrown sealing machines offer simplicity, durability and low maintenance. This new generation of machines are designed to work with a variety of ring pull caps. With quick change features that reduces the product change over time to a minimum.



The flexibility of RingCrown machines improves the bottling plants return on investment by being able to cap different beverage brands each with its own distinctive ring pull cap.


Wide-Mouth Bottle Cap

RingCrown ring pull caps are made of steel the same material as a traditional crown cork bottle cap. RingCrown is of the same diameter as a crown cork, it fits the same bottle mouths and withstands the same internal pressure.

The RingCrown bottle cap is an easy open cap. By offering this convenience to users RingCrown is ideal for growing your brand’s market share.

RipCap is an aluminium ring pull cap with similar benefits to the steel RingCrown. RipCap bottle caps are made from one piece this allows the ring of the cap to be printed to match the cap and label decoration. So improving upon the already significant visual impact of RingCrown.  RipCap closures are suitable for pasteurisation and sterilisation applications.

Finn-Korkki’s RingCrown and RipCap bottle caps are tamper proof, this high level of tamper evidence gives the customer confidence they are buying the genuine article. The bottle cap protects very effectively against counterfeit products.

RipCap Bottle Closures

Finn-Korkki is known for luxury aluminium closures. The LuxTop features on the award winning Veen water bottle. A range of closures are available in aluminium or printed aluminium decorations. Optionally the top of the cap can be embossed. Many of the LuxTop closures benefit from a tamper evident band so giving the customer confidence in the originality of the beverage.

It is one of a few luxury aluminium bottle caps available that is usable with carbonated beverages in glass bottles.

Ring Pull Bottle Caps

Like the popular 26mm RingCrown the RipCap wide mouth ring pull cap has many benefits. It is tamper evident, easy-to-open, suitable for many applications, good on shelf visual impact and has a high pressure performance.

In addition the comfortable wide bottle cap finish is perfect for direct consumption from the bottle. This benefit could be described as good “drink-ability”. The wide mouth in addition gives excellent smooth pouring from bottle to glass.

With a high pressure resistance of 7 bars the wide mouth RipCap closure is used for applications like beer, cider, spirit based RTDs and energy drinks.

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