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Key Products : Blister Pack Foil, Triple Laminate for Packaging

Raviraj Foils Limited, a dream of Raviraj Group initially emerged as a small star on the horizon of Indian Aluminum industry in 1997. Today it is considered as a leading aluminum foils provider in India. Raviraj Foils Limited specialized in provision of high quality aluminum foils that aid in packaging pharmaceutical products such as tablets, capsules etc.


Raviraj Foils Limited has claimed ISO 9001: 2008 certification by Intertek as it cares for quality and supplies a wide range of high quality aluminum foils. Its foils range includes- lidding foils, blister pack foils, triple laminate for packaging, light gauge conversion foils, strip pack foils etc. These products are offered to the clients in the specified manner at highly affordable rates.


Raviraj Foils Limited has obtained an Export House Status in August 2009 as the exports are increasing year by year.

Lidding Foil

Lidding foils are generally applied for sealing PS (Polystyrene), PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), PP (Polypropylene) PET (Polyethyleneterphthalate) , PE (Polyethylene) and HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) jars/cups/tubs substrates. Lidding foils use different sealants for different materials. Lidding foils are made from soft, fully annealed aluminum alloy AA-8011. Its lidding foils are available in silt reel form or punched disc form. And these lidding foils can be identified with ticket having reel number, specification, operator number and manufacturing date. Lidding foils are accompanied by test certificates showing the actual observed values of different parameters.  Its lidding foils are available at lowest rates.

Blister Pack Foil

Blister packs Foils are used for packing pharmaceutical tablets, capsules or lozenges. Blister pack foils aid in providing barrier protection for shelf life requirements and degree of tamper resistance. Blister pack foils are made with hard aluminum. Printer and unprinted blister pack foils are available in the form of reels or rolls. Raviraj Foils Limited is renowned for its blister pack foils. Blister pack foils are identified with stickers pasted inside the core with Reel numbers. Specification, Net weight, Operator number Date of manufacture and Designs are desired by the clients for blister pack foils. Raviraj foils limited offers blister pack foils at competitive prices.

Triple Laminate for Packaging

Triple Laminate Foil Packaging is suitable for packaging conventional products like confectionery, tea, consumables etc. Raviraj Foils Limited excels in manufacturing triple laminate for packaging and designs as per clients’ specifications. Raviraj foils triple laminate for packaging designs also depend upon the type of products that are being packed. Triple Laminate for packaging is available at reasonable prices.

Light gauge Conversion Foil

Raviraj Foils Limited specializes in the provision of light gauge conversion foils. While designing light gauge conversion foils, it takes into consideration foil material, temper, surface, winding, thickness, thickness tolerance, pinhole count, wettability, stickness, splicing etc. Along with light gauge conversion foils, test certificates are issued incorporating thickness, width, wettability and number of joints. Light gauge conversion foils are made as indicated by the clients. Raviraj foils offer light gauge conversion foils at nominal prices.

aluminium strip pack foil

Strip Pack Foils are used for strip packaging of pharmaceutical products such as tablets, capsules etc. Strip pack foils are prepared with soft fully annealed aluminum alloy AA 8011/AA 1200. Raviraj Foils Limited leads in manufacturing strip pack foils. It provides a wide range of strip pack foils. Its strip pack foils are designed as per the specifications of the customers.  It specializes in providing high quality strip pack foils with the test certificates showing actual observed values of different parameters. Strip pack foils are available at highly affordable rates.

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