Company : Mir Upakovki JSC

Category : Packaging Products and Supplies

Key Products : Cheese & margarine trays, Coffee Packaging Lids, Barrier packaging, Paint pails & buckets

Mir Upakovki JSC was founded in 1999. In 2003, MIR moved to its own factory in Sertolovo, Leningrad region, with an area of 18,000 m2.


Company specializes in injection moulding, extrusion blow molding, In-mould-labeling and offset. Servicing the wide clientele base like Nestle, Yves Rocher, Hochland, Kraft Foods, Reckitt Benckiser, POCKAP, Unilever, Heinz and Ford.


Timeline of the company


In 2003 the company established its Moscow branch and launched IML technology. 2006 has seen launch of new production site in Krasnoyarsk.

In 2011 MIR UPAKOVKI JSC completed quality certification of its products (legal name is “Orion” LCC) for compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005.

In 2014 MIR expanded the scope of activities and started to produce automotive components.


Business lines:


The Company is diversified amongst Packaging for food and non-food products: dairy, fish, meat & pate, caviar, ice-cream, mayonnaise, coffee, water paints, house-hold chemistry, cosmetics etc.


Rigid plastic packaging: pails, tubs, containers, bottles, canisters, closures.

Exclusive packaging: bottles, cases, jars, coffee lids etc.

Design and designing of products.

Support of the order of the moulds and IML-labels.    

Cheese & Margarine Trays

Cheese & margarine trays


Since 2008, The company has been manufacturing cheese packaging used by Hochland Russia. The market research analysis projected that there were more opportunities for cheese packaging in the region. The local cheese producers primarily used thermoformed packaging with dry offset. But, company is serving local customers brands such as Plavych, Rokler and Mechta Hozyayki with an IML solution for such packaging. And on top of this IML packaging for cheese is highly appreciated and used by some Scandinavian brands, such as Pirkka, Rainbow, Paimenpoika and Silva.


The company has decided to manufacture IML cheese packaging that was suitable for the majority of local cheese manufacturers. By this way, it acted as an alternative that was offered to the cheese market. Thanks to the advantages of IML, this was an instant success. The print quality is excellent, the production process is very effective, and the packaging is strong and hygienic. Since 2015, Company owns 3 production units for IML cheese packaging.

Coffee Packaging Lids

Coffee Packaging Lids


Since 2000, Company was able to produce coffee caps & lids for well-known international brands such as, Nescafe and Carte Noir along with local brands namely Jurdin, Jokey and Grand.


Lids can be produced with IML-decoration, if required.


Our automatic inserter machines allow equipping the lids with a membrane.


Coffee lids are usually an exclusive product.

Barrier Packaging

Barrier packaging (prO2tector tm)


The first of its kind product with new type of packaging: the barrier container executed by a method of injection moulding, holds a volume of 140 ml.


Mir Upakovki developed new type of plastic packaging with adjustable periods of storage for the product with guaranteed protection against fakes. On the functional properties that container offered can be considered as alternative to traditionally used glass and metal jars.


The barrier effect is reached at the expense of use of a layer from the barrier material (EVOH) not passing oxygen, both preserving the taste and aroma of a product.


The container is intended for packaging of various types of foodstuff with the subsequent sealing with polymeric film materials or a foil.

Paint Pails & Buckets

Paint pails & buckets


Since 2003, the company is famous for being IML-moulder No.1 in Russia.


The IML technology means, the label onto the surface of the plastic package, which is done during the process of product manufacturing. IML allowed the plastic product an essentially new and much more attractive look.


So the manufacturers of water paint and liquid building materials can be completely benefited by IML technology that has applied to their usual types of packaging: plastic pails.


Product range starts from 0.55 L, and include all the popular sizes of round pails: 1, 2.5, 3, 5, 10, 20 and 30 L. There are also 4 sizes of special “shaker” series, rugged pails for “shaking” (mixer) machines. The new premium series are Cylinder and Quadro (rectangular) pails.


All of MIR’s pails could be decorated with In-Mould labeling technology. The most impressive is metal label in combination with plastic, imitating a tin bucket.


The leaders of paint market are extensively served by MIR, and other international companies like Tikkurilla and Kiilto are among them.

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