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The UK-based Focus Label Machinery started business in 1981 by designing and building a small printing press for printing apparel labels. The Company soon developed its first Flexo machine, which enabled it to grow and become a leading manufacturer of narrow web presses in the UK and also around the world.

The family-run business exports 70% of its UK-manufactured products to companies across the world. Its product line has evolved over time due to its efforts in research and development in Flexographic and Hybrid Digital inkjet technology.

Focus Label has a manufacturing facility with a dedicated training centre and fully functioning showroom. All its core models are modular and customized to individual needs.

The global textile industry remains an important area of growth for Focus as it provides the former with Flexo-based machines with special inks for textile printing.

The Company continues to invest in technology, research and development, and service and training.

Flexographic Printing Machines - Centraflex Machine

The Flexographic Printing Machine - Centraflex Machine – is a Narrow Web Flexo press.

Narrow Web Flexos print with radiation-curable inks and have a wide range of unique properties that allow high-quality printing and greater productivity.

The Flexographic Printing Press – Centraflex – is used where high print quality on demanding substrates is a priority, such as unsupported films.


  • Compact Layout
  • Choice of widths: 250 mm or 330 mm
  • Choice of IR or UV Drying systems
  • Roll-to-Roll, Roll-to-Sheet converting options
  • Used in making printed films, aluminium, meat casings, labels, tickets and light cartons

Digital Label Printing Machine – DFlex

The digital label printing machine – Dflex – handles small volume orders and variable data and images seamlessly.

The colour label printer combines Ink Jet technology with Flexo printing machine (D-Flex Digital Hybrid) to produce attractive labels. It finds applications in digital Ink Jet printing for labels, paper, films and packaging, and foils.Digital Hybrid incorporates the very latest, high quality, Piezo drop, on-demand Ink Jet heads from Konica Minolta.

The press offers the facilities for in-line Flexo printing/coating, corona treatment, cold foil, laminating, varnishing and die-cutting, either in roll-to-roll, and roll-to-sheet applications.

The high-end software and RIP with variable information and colour management system is included as part of the overall package, whilst global support comes through Focus and the Konica Minolta networks of support companies.


  • Uses servo technology; production speed = 20 – 70 m/min
  • High-speed digital Ink Jet; 4 Colour + White
  • Single colour Rotary Flexo for printing and over-varnish or coating
  • Choice of web widths – 142 mm, 250 mm and 330 mm
  • Roll-to-Roll, Roll-to-Sheet converting
  • Employs UV drying system
  • For D Flex Digital Hybrid: Standard native resolution = 360 x 360 dpi or 360 x 720 dpi with up to 7 levels of grey-scale
  • For D Flex Digital Hybrid: Apparent resolution = 1,000 dpi via the high-end GIS software and Konica Minolta KM1024i Ink Jet heads
  • Digital Hybrid prints onto transparent filmic substrates, aluminium foils, or overprinting dark background colours.

Proflex Flexo Printing Press - Proflex SE Machine

Flexography or Flexo is a form of printing process – considered a modern version of letterpress – which utilizes a flexible relief plate for printing on almost any type of substrate, including plastic, metallic films, cellophane, and paper.

It is widely popular in the food packaging sector.

Proflex Flexo Printing Press – Proflex SE Machine – is a range of powerful modular printing press equipment, comes in two technological variants – Servo Drive (Se version) and Line Shaft (e Version).

The shift to modular technology by eliminating moving parts (cylinders) has ensured fast assembly and consistent quality throughout the process.


  • Combination drying systems for labels, tickets and boards; heating is achieved through IR, UV and LED UV
  • Modular, two to ten colours construction with Servo or Line Shaft option
  • Choice of web widths is 250 mm or 330 mm
  • Roll-to-Roll, Roll-to-Sheet converting; quick load tooling for fast set ups and high quality printing
  • Enables a wide range of options for specialized production applications, from unsupported films and security labels to small cartons, packaging and tickets.

Servo driven Printing Press - eFlex

The Latest in Servo driven technology – eFlex – provides a common base for a new line of Servo technology presses.

e-Flex machines carry twin servo drives for full independent control of the substrate and printed image.

This Flexo machine also allows for rapid setup, has low energy, time and monetary wastages, and has enhanced operator system control.


  • Combination drying systems
  • Web widths of variants are 330 mm or 430 mm
  • Employs the latest Full Servo Press; each print head includes two servo drives for full autonomy in controlling Web and Print registration
  • One-touch set up; pre-register and auto register options
  • Roll-to-Roll and Roll-to-Sheet converting for regular labels, security labels, films, packaging, tickets and cartons

Inspection Rewind System Machine

The Inspection Rewind System Machine for rewinding and manual inspection of printed self-adhesive labels comes in two cost-effective models.

The machine allows operators to remove bad labels and also supply customizable rolls.

The Inspection Rewinding Machine comprises of a table top and a larger free-standing system that provides web guides, splice tables, scissor and crush slitting options with a variety of core sizes and standard features.

It is used in rewinding finished rolls of labels, tickets, and ribbons.

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