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Key Products : MLP - Semi Rotary Offset Printing Machine, MHL - Full Rotary Sleeve Led UV Printing Machine, MVF - Full Rotary Printing Machine

Miyakoshi Printing Machinery Co. Ltd is one of the leading Offset Machine Manufacturer in Japan. We have 70 years of expertise in providing high-quality and consistent machines for various industries including Packaging & Labeling and so on.

Our company’s headquarter is located inJapan. We bring the latest machinery and follow the technology to provide high quality offset printing machines to our esteemed customers. We strictly focus on materials choosing and quality controlling. We can dispatch spare parts and service engineer within a short time to all European customers. In addition, we are building a substantial business, especially in France and Southern European areas. As a market leader, we intend to have a recognized difference with our competitors on quality and customer demands.

What makes Miyakoshi Printing Machinery Co. Ltd as the stalwart? Here are the reasons:

  • We are driven by innovation by following the latest technology
  • We build strong relationships with our customers
  • We have 70 years of expertise in providing high-quality and reliable machines
  • We are passionate about printing machinery
  • We are possessed with quality

Our dedicated professionals constantly strive to meet customer’s evolving needs. They design and develop machines using some of the most sophisticated technology in the world.

We offer:

  • Label printing machine
  • Flexible package machine
  • Business form printing machine
  • Commercial offset printing press
  • Digital on demand printer
  • Others

MLP - Semi Rotary Offset Printing Machine

Miyakoshi Printing machinery is one of the foremost Semi rotary offset printing machine suppliers and manufacturers in Japan. Our MLP-Semi Rotary Offset printing Machine is designed to meet the growing demands to produce high-quality labels. We use quality-proven packaging printing machinesto achieve the best print quality.

When it comes to productivity, MLP’s print width is 330 or 406mm and its longer repeat length up to 406.4mm is definitely advantage, giving more flexibility in label imposition in repeats and also provides capacity of big-size label printing. The speed is option from 120imp/min, 200imp/min, 250imp/min, 300imp/min. The basic configuration is: Unwind+5 Offset+1Flexo+Die-cut+Rewind. Module engineering design enables customer- oriented unit configuration.

Furthermore, we offer Semi-rotary Hot-Foil, Cold-Foil, Screen, Emboss, Laminate units and diverse options to meet our customer needs.


  • Food and beverage labels
  • Cosmetic labels
  • Wine labels
  • Other labels in general

Advantages of using our Semi rotary offset printing machine:

  • Through Automated make-ready control system and repeat data management system, material wastage, job changeover times can be reduced.
  • MLP’s largest-in-class repeat length of 406.4mm realizes higher productivity compared with conventional semi-rotary machines.
  • Refined ink train with 4 form roller delivers constant ink film on plate surface, thus achieving high-quality printing with minimized color variation.

MHL - Full Rotary Sleeve Led UV Printing Machine

Our Full-rotary SleeveLed UV Printing Machine (MHL) is suitable for short-run to middle-run jobs. It is designed to address the rapidly growing demand of high quality flexible packaging jobs. Our quality-proven offset printing pressesenable flexible packaging printers to achieve the best printing quality.

Wide substrate capability to cover unsupported films and thin label stocks (15-300μ). Maximum printing speed of 180m/min (option) with repeat length up to 609.6mm enable to produce short-run to middle-run productions. Print width is 457-660mm. Sleeve system for Blanket and Impression cylinder gives dramatic reduction of job changeover times. Each printing unit is being driven by a high-end servo-driven, from Bosch-Rexroth, running independently or synchronized with other units. Combining a Nitrogen-purging LED-UV drying system that drastically promotes ink curing with low-odor type offset LED-UV inks to minimize the no. of dryer and the cause of ink odor, photo-initiators, contained in the ink.


  • Label printing
  • Film printing

Advantages of using ourFull-rotary Led UV printing machine:

  • Low environmental burden
  • Suitable for short-run to middle-run job
  • Superior print quality
  • Combination printing capability

MVF - Full Rotary Printing Machine

Our Full-rotary Printing Machineare designed to address lottery tickets, security-related documents, direct emails and so on. MVF is Miyakoshi’s best selling machine with proud record of over 1, 000 installations worldwide. A micro-computer-employed web pitch controller “MS-800” assures great stability in web-feeding pitch and web-tension. It contains Wide-ranging capacity of converting processes, including hole-punching, perforating, sheeting and die-cutting. Easy to change printing methods between offset to Flexo or Letterpress, simply by changing cassettes. Print width is 457-660mm (option).


  • Continuous forms, waybills
  • Direct mails, self seal mailers
  • Security-related documents
  • Lottery tickets, betting slips
  • Pharmaceutical documents

Advantages of using Full-rotary Printing machine:

  • Productivity
  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Reliability

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