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Sun Chemical is a subsidiary of Sun Chemical Group B.V.; a DIC group member is the world's largest producer of printing inks, pigments and a leading provider of materials to packaging, plastics, cosmetics, publication, coatings, and others. The industrial markets include electronic materials, functional and specialty coatings, brand protection and product authentication technologies. 
The annual sales of Sun Chemical are over $3.5 billion and supporting customers with a network around the world having over 8,000 employees to improve performance on the essentials of business, such as reliable, on time delivery and consistent product quality. 
Sun Chemical tailors solutions to unique customer needs and brings new ideas and the latest technology to market. The unparalleled global presence allows for the delivery of local service and support that is customized to the markets it serves. While, Sun Chemical is recognized as a leading source of innovation with 10 research and development centers that are committed to creating solutions that improve productivity, create new revenue opportunities for customers, and contribute to a more sustainable future.  
Sun Chemical introduced new solutions that enable marketers to better manage their brand colors, protect product integrity through improvements in packaging, and introduce security features that defend against counterfeiting. The innovations for digital printing applications includes inkjet printing systems for narrow web and corrugated printing as well as inkjet inks specifically formulated for LED curing.  

The Sun Chemical complete integrated offering enables the development of innovative, cost effective packaging and right first time dealing with all stages of the usual workflow backed up by innovative technologies.


Together with Sun Branding Solutions, the Packaging Brand Lifecycle Management Agency, Sun Chemical support all parts of the packaging development workflow from pack design concept through to press, conversion and brand launch. 

Low Migration Solutions

Low Migration Inks and Coating Solutions


Sun Chemical is a market leader in the development and promotion of low migration inks and coating solutions for the printing of packaging for foodstuffs, as well as sensitive applications such as tobacco and pharmaceutical packaging.  
The company work hard to take the lead in educating all partners in the supply chain about compliance, the potential pitfalls, their options, as well as opportunities.

For a breakthrough in low migration inks and coating solutions, Sun Chemical worked for many years on understanding the factors affecting migration and has developed a complete portfolio that supports the packaging chain across a range of print processes and technologies.


Sun Chemical’s official best practice guide to low migration inks and coating solutions was an industry-first in terms of practical guidance. If you’re interested in receiving a copy of “Designing Packaging with Certainty” contact Sun Chemical.

X-Rite PantoneLIVE



Sun Chemical’s patented SmartColour® technology and color databases are a key foundation of the new PantoneLIVE™ solution. The universal appeal of the Pantone® and X-Rite® brands, coupled with these SmartColour and IP underpinnings, are the leading reasons why Sun Chemical now fully endorses PantoneLIVE™ for the packaging market. Moving forward, Sun Chemical is retiring its SmartColour brand from the market. Sun Chemical will continue to be a major contributor to the initiative and is now XRite/Pantone’s ‘exclusive preferred ink supply partner’ for PantoneLIVE 
While existing users of any ink will be able to take advantage of the system, the implementation of PantoneLIVE in the pressroom will be easier and faster with Sun Chemical inks, because the color data behind PantoneLIVE are based on Sun Chemical ink formulations and are already shared efficiently within the Sun Chemical network.

Anti counterfeiting solutions

Brand Protection Anti-counterfeit and Authentication Solutions


Sun Chemical offers a range of brand protection anti-counterfeit and authentication solutions to make items more difficult to copy and enable brand owners and government officials to check if products are genuine or fake. 
Essentially all  brand protection anti-counterfeit and authentication solutions can be grouped into two segments:

Overt technologies are added for consumer verification purposes, for example holograms, thermochromic and colourshift inks. These are visible features and do not require detection


Covert technologies need to be detected through a reading device. These include technologies such as:
  • UV readable inks and coatings
  • IR Responsive inks and coatings requiring a reader


The most effective brand protection anti-counterfeit and authentication solutions are covert technologies, which are integrated into the inks used for printing. Covert solutions offer increased security compared to overt solutions and are viewed as the second line of defense.

Packaging Special Effects

Sun Chemical offers a broad portfolio of high-impact packaging special effects for every substrate and print technology available today. From metallic to fluorescent; pearlescent to Thermochromic effects, Sun Chemical’s global supply chain ensures consistency and availability of products around the world.  Sun Chemical provides a one-stop-shop for packaging special effects for brand and package differentiation needs.

Sun Chemical’s SunInspire range of packaging special effects offers a comprehensive range of spectacular graphic design effects for brand owners, designers and printer converters. In today’s competitive retail world, shelf stand out and consumer appeal are ever more important.

Sun Chemical provides the broadest range of latest packaging special effects plus market leading technical back up and knowledge to support the entire process from pack design to press room. A wonderful world of colour, touch, aroma and sensory appeal to lift any packaging design from the mundane to the extraordinary.

Sun Branding Solutions

As the branding division of the largest Graphic Arts business in the world; Sun Chemical, Sun Branding Solutions is perfectly positioned to deliver a unique brand guardianship provision across the world, focused on innovation, consistency, agility and speed to market.


Sun Branding Solutions’ business infrastructure provides a unique service. Recognising that every client is different the service and portfolio are tailored to match with their requirement. Whilst delivering the holistic intellect, empathy and experience of the packaging and NPD process throughout:


  • Market leading specialists in Brand and Product Lifecycle Management software
  • Packaging development, specification management and consultancy
  • Award winning strategic brand and packaging design
  • Brand design implementation and colour management
  • Legal labelling and regulatory services

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