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Combi Packaging Systems LLC is a leading manufacturer of custom end-of-line automated packaging equipment, headquartered in Canton, Ohio, USA. With 35 years’ experience, Combi offers a wide range of innovative industrial packaging solutions driven by ever-changing trends in the packaging industry. Our customized solutions fit your product and application and provide dependable performance. We craft affordable custom solutions for a wide range of industries like Automotive and hardware, baking, beverage, chemical, household consumer and personal care products, food, nutraceutical, meat and poultry, pharmaceutical and medical supplies etc.


Combi’s modular designs are combined to handle the most diverse range of products. From cartons to flexible bags, cases to trays, each Combi system is perfectly designed. We are constantly incorporating new technology into our impressive portfolio of equipment, in order to increase efficiency in power and air usage, physical footprint of machinery and improved speeds. Offering begins with stand-alone case, tray erecting and sealing equipment and can be integrated in the future to include case packing equipment, as your needs for increased speed and productivity grows.

Automatic Case Erectors

Combi has been manufacturing for the past 23 years one of the most diverse ranges of reliable, custom case erectors on the market today.   Flexibility is the key to these machines – available with servo driven or pneumatic carriage assemblies; with tape, hot melt or staple closure; whether small cases to large, oversized cases; moderate speed to high speed, there is a Combi case erector to fit just about any budget or application. One constant feature that will never change is our rugged one-piece welded tubular steel frames (lifetime warranty) and the use of heavy duty name-brand components. Replacement parts are non-proprietary which means sourcing can be done locally with minimal downtime.

Hand Packing Stations

We’ve created systems that seamlessly integrate a case erector, hand packing station, and case sealer into a compact, ergonomic and cost effective work cell. The Combi Ergopack® is unique to the packaging industry and a perfect solution for semi-automatic case packing of products. Ideal for food packing applications requiring inspection before packing; packing products of variable sizes where total automation is impractical; irregular shaped products that are difficult to handle automatically; or applications where more than a standalone case erector is required. Operators never touch a case – hands free indexing system presents case and product in front of operators. This hand packing station minimizes reach and wrist movement, reducing threat of repetitive motion injuries and medical costs associated with treatment. Our sanitary design helps food and pharmaceutical producers to meet the highest levels of hygiene and safety.

Case Sealing Machines

Combi manufactures quality packaging case sealing solutions for the widest range of applications. From standard RSC cases in every size, to cases with overlapping or sequentially folded flaps, to tuck-folded flaps, L-clips and special display cases to H seal, there is a Combi packaging case sealer to fit your case. Also, ideal for distribution centers and egg producers, are randomly adjustable, fully-automatic packaging case sealers for high speed operations. Twin servo motors and photo eyes accurately position and consistently seal variations in case size, weight and operator orientation. We also recognize the role our equipment plays in food plants and have designed a line of sanitary semi-auto and automatic case sealers that reduce and eliminate potential lodgment areas where undesirable microorganisms might gather. Sealing methods include adhesive tape, hot melt glue and staple closure.

Industrial Case Packers

Combi offers custom case packing solutions for top-load, side-load, and drop packing configurations. Our pick and place packers are top loading, servo-driven packers for a variety of products that are precisely placed in multiple layers. These case packers can accommodate products in flexible bags, chipboard cartons or any rigid container that requires special handling or orientation. Our drop packers are top loading case packing systems, with or without integrated case erector, for a range of rigid containers and flexible bags and packets. Drop packer systems feature heavy duty welded tubular steel construction (lifetime warranty) and fast changeovers with modular slide-in packing heads and quick-clamp product lanes guides. Our side-loading horizontal loaders are available in several configurations for packing products that load more effectively in the horizontal position, including nested products, cylindrical items, multi-packs and cartons. The key to our loaders versatility is the wide range of collation and orientation methods we offer.

Tray Formers & Erector

Combi tray forming machines will form regular slotted trays in various configurations to accommodate the agriculture, food processing and distribution industries. Our tray forming machines easily integrate with Combi case packers. Combi tray forming machines ensure perfect trays with straight sides and properly applied glue for optimum tray packing and square, stable loads. Our mechanical design BCF horizontally forms 4 and 6 pack chipboard beverage carriers up to 40 carriers per minute. Its inline and compact design utilizes a mechanically linked carrier pick-up and transport mechanism for precise placement through the forming cycle. Coming in 2015 is a complete bottle packing system for the beer and wine industries that will include a four and six pack carrier former, case former and bottle case packer, all in one small, affordable footprint.

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