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Key Products : Pharmaceutical products, child safety analyses

Institut für Kindersicherheit im Verpackungswesen

The Institut für Kindersicherheit im Verpackungswesen (IfKiV e. V.) or, in English, Institute for Child Safety in Packaging, is an independent, neutral test laboratory. IfKiV e. V. was founded in Hamburg, Germany, as a registered non-profit organisation in 1994. During the late 1990ies and early 2000s IfKiV e. V. co-operated in several Standards Committees and were thus able to participate in formulating the final state for relevant standards.

IfKiV e. V.s president is currently Dietwalt Ost, who holds a diploma in psychology; the vice president is Peter Dlugi M.A.

As a test laboratory IfKiV e. V. assist packaging manufacturers or suppliers of pharmaceuticals and detergents in developing and getting approval of child resistant (CR) packaging products for international markets - mainly Europe or USA -, wherever child resistance is required. IfKiV e. V. tests packages for pharmaceutical products and household goods with regard to the child resistance requirements according to the standards:

  • (DIN) EN 14 375,
  • (DIN) EN ISO 8317, ISO 8317,
  • (DIN) EN 862 and
  • PPPA (16 CFR 1700.20)
  • Other standards for CR packaging tests

Peter Dlugi (Vice President) - testing with a pair of children

Peter Dlugi (Vice President) -

CR Packaging Examples

CR Packaging Examples

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