2nd Recycled Packaging for Food Contact

2nd Recycled Packaging for Food Contact

29 September - 30 September, 2020


+65 6346 9218


SANA Malhoa Hotel, Portugal

Organized By:

Centre for Management Technology

(65) 6346 9124



80 Marine Parade Road #13-02 Parkway Parade Singapore 449269

About 2nd Recycled Packaging for Food Contact

Sustainability objectives and the drive to a circular economy is increasing demand for all recycled materials in packaging.

The biggest challenge for food companies though, is to find suitable recycled food grade material.

Nestlé, the world’s biggest food company announced in January 2020 that it will spend more than  than 1.5 billion Swiss francs to buy 2 million metric tons of recycled plastic between now and 2025.

This is a laudable first move by a food company that is willing to pay above the market rate for the recycled material as part of its strategy to alleviate a shortage of used plastics suitable for food packaging and in turn boost up supplies, innovations in technology to improve food grade recycling plastics.

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